How tall are you? 5'7"
How much do you weigh? 110 lbs
What is your shoe size? 8.5
What size do you usually wear in all the things? Size small or x-small in tops, 26 in jeans.
How old are you? 32
Where do you get your hair cut? My friend cuts it from her home. I wish I could give referrals but she is never taking new clients!
What inspired you to cut your hair short? Victoria Beckham's a-line cut. It's still a fave of mine.
Do you have thin or think hair? I have normal to thin hair- so definitely not thick. I've also learned ways to make it seem thicker with product and a good teasing comb.
What hair color do you use? Ion Brilliance Permanent Color in a 3N from Sally's Beauty Supply.
What hair products do you use? After pregnancy hair loss I used Nioxin System 3. It did seem to work. Now I use John Freida shampoo and conditioner for brown hair. My other go-to's are Big Sexy Dry Shampoo, Redken Wax Blast 10 , Amika dry shampoo and dry conditioner and Big Sexy Hairspray. Also Big Sexy Volumizing Mousse.
What's your favorite nude lip color? Buxom lip liner in the color White Russian. Nars lipgloss in the color Striptease.
What is your favorite red lip color? Buxom lip liner in the color InfraRed. Almay lip vibes lipstick in the color Smile
What white polish do you wear?  Pre-Show Jitters from Essie or a true white.
What dark polish do you wear? Model Clicks from Essie or a true black.
What topcoat do you wear? Seche Vive Instant Gel Effect Top Coat.
Do you do your own nails? I often do. Over the last few months I've been getting a dip manicure every 2-3 weeks and I really like it. It stays on well and makes sure my nails always look good. I go to XO Nails in Liberty.
How do you keep your teeth so white? Check out my blog post here for tips.
What foundation do you use? BareMinerals pure brightening serum foundation and HAC (highlighting and countour) pack from Maskcara Beauty.
What skincare do you use? I use the blue regimen from Rodan and Fields. It's pricey, but it works! 
What blush do you use? Torrid from Nars.
How do you do your brows? Check out my blog post here.
Have you had microblading? I have not. I still want to get it done, but haven't made the appointment yet.
How do you style your hair? I have a hair tutorial on an IG highlight video here.
What is your everyday makeup? I have a makeup tutorial on an IG highlight video here.
What's your favorite perfume? Acqua di Gioia.
What style and size are your sunglasses? Rayban's standard original 58mm aviators.
What size and style is your Apple watch? I wear the Rose Gold 38mm.
Where is your Apple watch band from? It's from Target here
What size Nickel & Suede earrings do you wear? I always wear large but I recommend mediums to most. You can see the differences on our size chart here
Do you have your pants hemmed? I usually cuff them a little or I cut them off.
What religion are you? We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. 
Where do you get your rings? My blue turquoise ring here and my criss-cross ring here.
Do you use self tanner? Yes, Charlotte Tilbury Healthy Glow or read my blog post here. I also get a dark spray tan every once and a while. 
Where is your tapestry in your office from? Urban Outfitters here.
Where did you get your office desk? World Market here.
What style and size are your living room rugs? They are both from Rugs USA and you can find the jute one here (Handspun Jute 9x12) and the shag one here (Soft Trellis Rug in 7.5x9.5). The jute one is actually quite soft and hasn't shed much. The shag rug is really soft and we don't allow shoes on it. 
Where you get your faux fiddle leaf trees? Amazon here.
Where did you get your coach in your living room? It's Flexsteel Home. The style is Blair and we purchased it from Crowley Furniture.
Where is your pouf stools from? Nordstroms here.
What color are your kitchen cabinets? Dovetail Gray by Sherwin Williams.
What color are your walls? Snowbound by Sherwin Williams.
What color are your cabinets by the fireplace? Grizzle Gray by Sherwin Williams.
What color is your trim? It was painted when we moved in so I'm not exactly sure. I believe the color is called Parchment.
What wood flooring do you have? It's Mastercraft Chalet Hickory in the color whistler.
Are you going to have more kids? Not in a way that involves me being pregnant again. Adoption could be on the table someday. Maybe once we are sleeping at night again and if I can convince Soren. We love kids and babies, but five does feel like a lot right now. 
How old were you when you had your oldest son? I was almost 22 when I had Easton. I got married when I was barely 20.
Do you have any help with the kids like a nanny? I don't, but I do have several teenager babysitters that help us out and mom friends who often watch my kids. I try to hire everything out but the nanny job.
How do you travel for work? Who watches the kids? If I know I'll be traveling I fly my MIL in and she stays with the kids. Usually she watches three of them and I have a good friend who watches the other two. Soren often comes with me when I travel because it's always for work.
Where do you get your bracelets with your kids names on them? Etsy shop called PineappleBling. I wear size 6.25. 
Will you promote my MLM company? As a blogger I've decided not to accept or work with any products from an MLM company. I actually do use them personally but I have too many friends who also sell the same products. I've decided that I am happy to buy products from women who sell them, but I can't use N&S or OLM to promote one specific person. 
How do you stay so skinny? I'm really busy! And I do the opposite of stress eating- which isn't good! I'm always on the move and food usually isn't on my radar.
Where do you sell your clothes? I have an IG account @onelittlemommascloset.
Where do you shop for yourself? Read my "How I Shop" blog post here.
Where do you shop for your boys? I have a blog post on this here.
Where did you shop for maternity clothes? Read my blog post on "Where to Find the Cutest Maternity Clothes" here.
Do you shop at consignment boutiques or thrift stores anymore? I used to love going to consignment stores because there are great deals and cool original finds to be had. With blogging though if wear things that are no longer available it's frustrating for readers. They expect to be able to replicate what I wear if they want to. So, I pretty much only wear things that are still in stock in stores.
How big is your closet? Not that big! It is a walk-in closet, but I don't keep clothes for years and years. Selling my clothes helps keep things narrowed down. 
How did you get started blogging? One of my best friends has a craft blog and she encouraged me to start blogging. She taught me everything I know!
What blogging website do you use? Blogger
Who do you have taking your pictures when it's not a selfie? Soren or one of my kids. :) I also have a photographer that takes many of the pics for my blog.
What don't you do since you have 5 kids and a business? What's not a priority? I have a lot of help keeping up my house. And I rarely exercise. I also don't spend time with friends, watch TV or read books.
What advice do you give to those wanting to start a blog? I'd say my best first tips are to get the name right and to be consistent posting. The more often you post, the more you'll figure out your voice and your content- but just be consistent whether that means three days a week or five. When I first started I picked a topic for Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and that helped me create content each week. I'd suggest that to anyone. It is a lot of work and it was a lot of work before it started to pay. I tell people that you have to love whatever you blog about and the process of sharing those things more than you need money from it. The money will come with time if you put in the effort to grow a following and learn the skills, but that does take a fair amount of time and unpaid work.
How do you afford so much amazing clothing? Doesn't it add up? I do buy 99% of the clothes that I wear and share. I earn commissions on the affiliate links I share. So when I share something I love and someone buys through my link, I earn something. I sell all of my clothes once they are no longer available. So buying new clothes and selling them at some point is part of the job. I also find that the clothes I wear need to be in stock in order to be helpful to my readers. That means shopping often. I definitely don't think anyone should model their shopping patterns after mine!
How did Nickel & Suede start? I have a blog post from the early days here. We also have a great video here.
Is there a N&S store? Yes, we actually have our own store in Liberty located here: 111 N Water St Liberty, Mo! We also sell at all Made in KC stores. 
Have you thought about wholesaling? We have! We'll probably do some pop-ups in other cities initially. I'd like to open 1-2 more stores in KC first.
What does Soren do for a living? Soren owns and runs Nickel and Suede with me full time. He has since day one.
Favorite N&S earrings? I love the Cheetah Cork GemsLondon Tan NovasBlack CorkLip Gloss, and Ash Grove right now.
Do you sell any vegan leather earrings? We don't. 
What time do you wake up every morning? How long does it take you to get ready? It has changed a lot over the years. I like to get up at about 6 if my kids are sleeping through the night. Right now Rush gets me up at 6:30. I can get ready in about 30 minutes, but right now that doesn't happen at the same time everyday.
When you're having a bad day, what do you do to make yourself feel better? If I'm trying hard I'll make a list of things I'm thankful for. If I'm not trying so hard I'll drink something caffeinated and stay grouchy. :) 

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