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I get so many questions about what camera I use and how I edit my photos. While I do have a professional photographer who takes some of my outfit photos, I take my day to day photos and almost all of my IG photos with my phone. I have an iPhone X plus and I use the Lightroom app to edit my photos. I also use presets in that app to brighten and edit my photo's quickly and in a cohesive way. You can now buy my edits and get the same, creamy, moody and muted look that I love for my pics. 

Just follow the link below to purchase. You will need to download the Lightroom app and you'll receive instructions about how to install the presets on your phone. 

In the pack you will receive five presets, four in color and one black and white. I most often use preset 2, but I love 1 almost as much. You'll find that some of the presets work better for selfies while others work better for flat lays or scenic pics. I would recommend finding a fave within the set and sticking with it for the most cohesive feed, but they should all work together too!

You will receive:

5 Custom Lightroom Presets

Instructional Video

Troubleshooting Support (if ever needed!)

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