Your Guide to Winter Coats- The Essentials

Brrrr! I don't know about you but I've been living in coats lately! And nothing kills an outfit like wearing a coat you don't love. Especially if you are like me and you sometimes accidentally wear coats around inside all day. Oops. But a great coat can really make an outfit and if you have one to three really great coats, you can really make almost every outfit a winner. So today I've partnered with Abercrombie to share a variety of their coats that I've been testing out this month and I'm happy to report I've got some winners! Read to for fit, fabric and functional details on all of the coats I ordered from Abercrombie this month!


There are lots of style of coats that I've seen trending this year and if it were up to me I would always go after the fuzziest and the one that looks the most like a big furry thing (just ask Soren) but just because something looks warm doesn't mean it's going to be practical for every occasion. Today I'm featuring four styles of coats and I think they all cover your bases. If you really need to choose I think you can narrow it down to two to start- but these four get you a lot more options!
1. The Puffer: This is traditionally a pretty casual option- and Abercrombie has casual options. But this puffer is also pretty dang cool in that it comes in faux leather and velvet options. I love the little bit of an elevated fabric with this casual shape. It's warm, edgy and super chic. I would say a puffer jacket is a must (or a parka- which is next on this list) for your coat closet. You need something to wear with sneaks, more casual boots and cute beanies. But if you find one to love you will be proud to add it to any outfit. And how cute is it with this A&F scarf?? I'm wearing size S in this one and it fits great. I would say it's TTS and the faux leather is really nice. I would also love to try the velvet or other fabric options. Here are a few other similar options from Abercrombie.

2. The Parka: The parka is the most traditional of coat options and one that I think is the most basic and easy to wear. I love this green military style from A&F and I am always a fan of fur around the hood. This coat has a sherpa lining which makes it warmer and softer on the inside. This coat is great for cooler temps but definitely not for freezing. It's a little bit lighter of a parka but great for your casual coat category. Here are a few other similar options from Abercrombie.

3. The Teddy Coat/ Fur Coat: This coat style has really gotten popular in the last few years and I gotta admit, this one is my favorite of today's featured styles. I love this russet color and the texture is just to die for. I've gotten so many compliments and questions about this coat. It's warm and can be dressed up or down. I do think that a coat that is a little more of a fur texture also fits in this category and I wear my fur coats with casual or dressy outfits. But if you are going for a one-coat-for-all-outfits coat this year- this would be it! I'm wearing size small and I think it fits TTS. Here are a few other options from Abercrombie right now.

4. The Wool Coat: The last category of coat that I would say is really important and even essential is a wool coat. This is the coat you wear to work, on dates, to dressy events and with dressy outfits. Today I've styled this plaid blazer-cut coat, but you can really get a camel or charcoal color wool coat and it will be really timeless. I would definitely make sure you have a wool coat that you love in your closet for the times when you cannot be casual. I'm wearing a small in this and it fits TTS.  Here are a few other wool options from Abercrombie right now.

I hope this coat guide was helpful! I know my confidence in my Winter oufits has definitely improved by having a few key coats in my closet. I love the selection that Abercrombie has this year and the quality and price is great too! I'd love to see which ones you snag so be sure to tag me on social or in stories when you get yours! Have an amazing weekend!

Thanks to Abercrombie for sponsoring this post. As always all opinions and styling were my own!

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