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Hey ladies and friends! If you've been following along with me on Instagram or on my stories you know my life is as busy as yours and I'm already starting to do the holiday hustle. I'm prepping myself ahead of time so that I don't have to freak out later. Things go quickly so the more I can check off now that better- am I right? Today I'm sharing a quick gift guide with you that you can easy shoot off to your hubby, your boyfriend, your in-laws, your parents, who ever asks you for your list. These are all of my favorite things and they are tried and true. You will love them. I have most of them or I have them on my list this year too! There are all different price points but the point is, if it's on this list, she's gonna love it! ;)

BLUETOOTH SPEAKER: This speaker is sooo pretty. I have it in my office and love it. It also comes in black, but I love the ivory.
KANSAS CITY MARKET BAG: This tote is custom for N&S. The quality is so wonderful and the size is really roomy. Love the colors and the brand. 
HEADPHONES: These headphones are an investment but they are beauties. They are 
JEWELRY STAND: This stand is a great option for displaying your N&S and other jewelry. I love the dainty look.
RING SET: I have this ring set and it's so pretty. It's great quality and perfect to wear every day.
LEATHER HOBO BAG: This bag is gorgeous. The quality is amazing and this is a bag you can use daily and be really happy with pairing with any outfit. A great bag really elevates any outfit.
BE BRAVE PRINT: We added these prints to our store this year and I love the empowering message they send. Snag them in two sizes and three styles.
T3 BLOWDRYER: This blow dryer is a game changer. It's an investment but it is so quiet, so effective and so well made. It has different heat settings, blow settings and a cool shot but it's so much nicer than any dryer you have ever tried.
LEOPARD TOTE: I love my Madewell totes but this one is just a new level of chic. This leopard version is so great. Perfect for work or carrying anywhere. 
PAJAMA SET: These pj's are so on my list. Love these jammies- they are so soft and comfy. I would size down in them.
LUGGAGE SET: New luggage is on my list this year and I love this brand. This set is gorgeous and would be a great option for a gift. 
SUNGLASSES: These are my everyday pair and are the classic aviator. You can't go wrong with these. I wear the gold/green combo in the 58 mm size. 
BEANIE: I love a cute beanie in the Winter- even with short hair. This is one of my faves and it comes in so many cute colors. I have it in black and ivory- makes a cute and easy gift!
KIEHLS MASK: This mask is so fun- it's an avocado based mask. And it literally looks like a mashed up avocado!
BOOTIES: These booties are my favorite dressy boot! They are pricey but I love this style and I wear them constantly to work. 
STACKING RINGS: I love this set of stacking rings. I wear these daily. They are great to wear together or to split up!
THROW BLANKET:   These are THE BEST throws! We have so many of these and they are so worth it! I would recommend these as gifts to anyone and would gladly take more for me!
ULTRABOOST SNEAKERS: These are the most comfortable sneakers of all time. Soren bought me mine and they are the best. I can't deny how great they feel to walk and work out in. Like walking on air. 
LEGGINGS: These are my go-to leggings. They are thick, breathable, hold you in and feel great. And they are reversible. One side for working out, the other side for life.
NARS MULTIPLE STICK: This is the catch-all stick. Wear it for blush, lip color, eye color. The perfect shade of pink. I carry this one in my purse. 
YSL LIBRE PERFUME: My newest favorite perfume. It's a little spicy and heavy. Love this one. 
LEOPARD TRAVEL CASES:  These are so cute for traveling and carrying makeup!
NECK AND SHOULDER MASSAGER: We got this after a friend recommended it and it actually works! It feels so good! My shoulders are always so tight and it just works the kinks right out. 
CROSSBODY BAG: This little cross body is so cute. Love the little chain. Classic. 
BLACK LEATHER JACKET: This is my favorite black leather jacket. It's a great shape, not too heavy, real leather and worth the price. 
UGG BOOTS: These are so cute. I love the yellow citron color but UGG boots are just so cozy in the Winter. Any color is great. 
LETTERBOARD: A letter board is such a fun gift for any women. This size is especially cute. We use it on a bookshelf. 
BLACK SHIMMER LEATHER EARRINGS: This is a best seller right now and I want to wear it every day. It's so shimmery and beautiful. 
SPOTTED LEOPARD LEATHER EARRINGS: Another best seller. These are so great year round. 

I feel like I could go on, but these lists are hard to shop if you give too many recommendations! I hope these ideas help you shop for your girlfriends, yourself and the women in your life. If you have any questions about any of these items, feel free to reach out. You can DM me or send me a message on FB and I'm happy to help! Happy shopping!

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