OLM Gift Guides: Toddler Edition with Vtech

Hey guys! I'm so excited to share today's post with you because it was such a fun project to work on. As you may know we have five boys and as you can imagine, in a house with five kids, we have a lot of toys. We have so many toys that it can be a struggle to know what to get the last kiddo or even the fourth kiddo for a gift. It's hard to find something we don't have that he and we will love. Well, today I have some great toy recommendations that both Rush and I (and his brothers!) have all had lots of fun playing with and can safely recommend for your toddlers this season. This is the first of several gift guides we've put together this month, but Rush and I had so much fun playing with dino and pirates in the living room I can tell you this one will be our favorite!

VTECH LATCHES AND DOORS BUSY BOARD: Initially, Rush was more apprehensive about this toy, but once he figured out how to use it he loved it!  I think this is going to be great to help with his fine motor skills which is definitely a “mom win” for me!  There are so many modes on this busy board which is great. There are also 3 different songs that encourage him to work on his ABC's and numbers.

VTECH TREASURE SEEKERS PIRATE SHIP: Rush and even the older boys LOVED this one!  They have been playing with it nonstop since we got it out.  I love that this is a toy that Rush will be able to use for a few years.  If you are looking for a great role play toy this one would be perfect!  

VTECH MIX AND MATCH-A-SAURUS: This was hands down the favorite of all the toys!  I love that it is not only a major win because it is a dinosaur but it also is stimulating and helps with his fine motor skills.  This toy is great for helping children identify their emotions, which is such a huge developmental milestone.  You can also make Dino act like a monster or a robot, so there is sure to be something fun for every kid!

Here are some others we haven't gotten out yet but are definitely considering for Rush this year:

VTECH SCOOP & PLAY DIGGER: If you are looking for a great toy that is stimulating and doesn't take up too much space this is it!  I love that everything can be stored inside and offers so many learning opportunities. 

VTECH SMART SHOTS SPORTS CENTER: This is on the top of my list of things we need to add to our cart ASAP!  I love that this toy is both a basketball hoop and soccer goal.  It also includes so many songs, sounds and phrases, introduces shapes and numbers, and helps work on hand-eye coordination.

VTECH SIT-TO-STAND ULTIMATE ALPHABET TRAIN: How fun is this toy?  For any toddler that likes trains this is a must have!  This toy comes with so many activities to keep them busy which we all can appreciate.  I also love that it encourages role play which is so important at this age!

VTECH POP-A-BALLS PUSH AND POP BULLDOZER: I love the idea of adding education into toys for any of my children but especially Rush because he is at the age where he is really soaking everything in!  This is a great toy that stimulates attention and coordination, and teaches colors and numbers. 

These toys are definitely all toys with lights, sounds and movement, but honestly they were all so engaging and fun. The boys all played with them and I loved seeing Rush especially light up as he figured out what to do with the toys. I think what makes a toy great is when it is more than just fun, but also engages a kiddo in more than one way. These toys each had elements that Rush and Baker had to learn and figure out, and different music and learning modes. They stayed engaged with them and it was really fun to see them light up with something new to play with and to learn. 

Do you have a toddler you are buying for this season? What toy do you think they would love the most?

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