Ultimate Gift Guide For Boys

It's that time of year! November and December are coming quickly and Christmas shopping has already begun. I never understood my grandma having her Christmas shopping done by September until now. Time goes so quickly and now I can really appreciate how early prepared for the holidays! This year I have Christmas gifts for my boys on my mind and I wanted to share my holiday gift guide as early as possible in case you too are trying to get ahead. It feels so good to get started early and to have some ideas up your sleeve as the deals start rolling out this month. In today's post I've linked so many toys that we have and have loved and then several toys that are on our wish list. So read on for the ultimate boys' gift guide!

 I've rounded up my favorite toys for boys (and girls!) below. We don't have any video games so instead it takes some creativity to find toys, games and other gifts for the boys for Christmas. This list is really for all ages as I think that my boys all play together and with a lot of the same things even as they grow, especially if it's a great toy!

We have tried and loved many of these and you can read my thoughts on each gift suggestion below.

CRAYOLA ART SET (AGES 5+): This set has been a hit at our house for several ages. Two of my kids have their own sets and they love having the case to protect their own art supplies. If you have a creative or an art lover, this set is a winner. 
MINI DELUXE 3 WHEEL SCOOTER (AGES 2-5): These scooters are the best. Rush, our youngest, learned how to scoot around on this before he even turned two! We love them for ages 1-6. We have three of them and they are durable and easy to use. 
MAGNET BUILDING TILES (AGES 3+): These have been a favorite toy for all ages for years. Last year we got a second set because we found the more we have the more fun they are. The bigger boys still play with these too!
DINO DISCOVERY 3D SANDBOX (AGES 3+): My four and six year old really love this sand and the dino set was a fun way to get some. We also bought extra kinetic sand to add to the set. 
BREAK OPEN GEODE SET (AGES 8+): This was a hit at my nine year old's most recent birthday party. It comes with ten geodes so there are plenty to learn and practice breaking. There was some involvement needed from parents but they also gave great ideas for how kids could do it on their own.
DRONE WITH GLOVE CONTROLLER (AGES 6+): This drone was so much fun! We got this affordable drone set and it worked right away. The kids and adults have had so much fun with it.
HOT WHEELS CRISS CROSS CRASH SET (AGES 5-9): Hot Wheels are always a hit at our house. All of my boys had a blast with this set. 
RIPSTIK CASTER BOARD (AGES 8+): This is on my radar for this year. My brother's always had them and I think my bigger boys would enjoy them.  
SNAP CIRCUITS SET (AGES 8+): I love toys that help kids learn and this is definitely one. It's also fun so it's a winner for both kids and parents. 
MARBLE RUN SET (AGES 8+): You can't beat a marble track set. 
HOT WHEELS MINDRACERS GAME (AGES 8+): I think my boys will really enjoy this one as well. 
LEGO MAKE YOUR OWN MOVIE KIT (AGES 8+): We have so many Lego's but my boy's would love this set and idea!
LEGO GADGETS SCIENCE KIT (AGES 8+): Love this spin on a typical Lego set. 
ROCK POLISHER (AGES 8+): This set is super cool- but it definitely teaches patience! It takes about 5-9 days for the rocks to make it through their cycle! Definitely recommend but wanted to give warning that there is no immediate gratification on this one.
LEGO CHAIN REACTIONS (AGES 8+): My boys love Lego and this set looks fun!
LEGO PLAY N STORE TABLE (AGES 2-8): We have a Lego room in our house, but if we didn't I think a table like this would be ideal!
SEARCH AND FIND MYSTERY GAME (AGES 5-12): We love games! I think this looks great for older ages. 

What gifts have your boys loved? What else would you add to the list?

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