N&S Style Files- New Color Combos and My Go To Suggestion

Hello and happy Friday! Today I'm back for the third outfit of this month's N&S Style Files. At Nickel & Suede we have so many earring styles, but even I fall into the habit of wearing my favorites over and over again. It's always fun to push myself out of my normal and style something new because with a basic like today's earring- I think every woman can really make it her own!



Today I chose to style our new Navy Baby Nova and ended up pairing it with this great navy blazer. I realize the navy and navy might not feel like a stretch- in fact it's the most obvious way to style it! But what was a stretch for me was styling navy with black. I've stayed away from styling navy and black together over the years- despite seeing it successfully done by others. I think it really worked to use navy as my "color" in this outfit and then black and white as the neutrals. The black pants and black boots grounded the outfit while the gold and navy were the interest. I think you could definitely repeat it with the pieces you have in your own closet if you think of it that way.
All in all- this week's Style Files ended up being very monochromatic and that seems to be a recommendation I just can't get away from. I love the classy look of similar colors being paired together and maybe that can be the way to safely step out of your comfort zone when you look at trying a new earring style or a new color. 

I hope you have a great weekend planned! We have a few birthdays to celebrate and Halloween celebrations are well underway as well. There's a new podcast episode out today as well and I really think you'll enjoy it. I'm talking with Saige Peterson, one of our Nickel & Suede models about her story and I know you'll be uplifted and inspired by how she has chased her dreams! 

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