Boys Fall Style Guide

The reality of boy's style is there haven't always been a ton of options and even now, I still think it's hard to find cute things. There are so many cute things for girls, but if you know where to look, there are so many cool and cute things for boys too. Over the years I like to think I have become a bit of an expert when it comes to finding trendy and fashionable clothes for my boys.  Today I am sharing all of the items I have purchased for them recently for Fall. 

When it comes to dressing my boys I love to lean on neutral colors, but I still dress them in colors that they like. My oldest loves blue, my second loves red, my third loves green and so on. So I play to that when I shop for them, but I still find things that I like that are in those colors. I also play to the things that they like. I know that Knox, my six year old, loves dinosaurs, so if I see a cool dino tee that I also like, I grab it. He also loves Star Wars so instead of getting him a silly Star Wars tee I get him a vintage looking graphic tee. There are so many ways to compromise between your style and your kids' style to still find an cute outcome. 

That being said....there are still phases and kids in general who will not comply with outfits or your style whatsoever and I think you just have to roll with it. Maybe that's one plus for having so many kids! I always have at least one that will wear what I like! ;)





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