Fall Classics and a Fresh Start

I cannot believe I'm typing this as the month of September comes to an end. It's been a great month with so many good things happenings and such a great start to Fall- but October really will be here tomorrow! But- there are so many great things about a new month! First- it's October and October is really hard to beat. Second, a new month is a new chance to start off on a new foot. Today I'm partnering with JC Penney to share my favorite Fall styles season, plus some ideas for making this next month great!


This season I'm loving the tied-collar look. I've been seeing blouses with bows on them everywhere and this teal one in today's outfit is so on-trend. Plus it's a great price! I'm wearing size XS and paired it with my favorite pull on work-pant from JC Penney. These are so comfy and look so nice. I wear a 2P and they fit great. I'm also really loving these off-white mule/boots. They have a little bit of a Western vibe (also so on trend) and cute stud details. I love that all of these items are such an affordable way to try a trend and the quality is actually really great too.

For me the month of September was all about trying to get in a routine, but it didn't work perfectly. I started getting to work earlier, and that helped, but I didn't start a lot of the other habits that I really wanted to get disciplined about. I have a few things I want to start but I wanted to give you an even bigger list to maybe get you thinking. I love the idea of new beginnings and that we constantly have the chance to make a new day a new beginning. This month is going to be good one- I can feel it!


  • Start every day with prayer/mediation.
  • Add a pack of vitamins to your breakfast. 
  • Eat breakfast- like a real one.
  • Start telling people you appreciate them. Don't just think it- say it. 
  • Every night tell yourself what you are going to do when your alarm goes off. Make a plan with your optimistic bedtime-self to defeat your morning-tired self. 
  • Start putting more things in your phone calendar and make a point to look at it. Schedule yourself alone time or time to do something you enjoy. 
  • Cancel a subscription to something you keep forgetting about. 
  • Start buying double of things that you always buy. It feels so good to stock up on the basics. 
  • Buy some blank birthday and thank you and just because cards. Make a point to use them. 
  • Choose to forgive people faster.
  • Do something you've never done before.
  • Listen to a podcast every week. Or just a new one. Or every day.

What are your ideas? What would make your life better/easier/more fun/more productive/moving in the direction you want???

I've linked my favorite affordable Fall favs from JC Penney below- would love to hear from you in the comments or on social media!

Thanks to JC Penney for sponsoring this post- as always all styling and opinions are my own. 

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