Three Reasons I'm Training for a Half Marathon

I did a thing you guys. I signed up for a half marathon. Normally I don't tell people things like this until I'm nearly through training, but I'm just putting it out there. I am about three weeks in and about 10 weeks behind the running schedule that my friend and I printed off. But, we're registered and it's happening whether I run or walk or crawl my way through that 13.1 miles. And while I might sound kind of down about it, I'm actually really proud of myself! It's been so good to get my body moving again after years of infrequent exercise and the idea of having a fitness goal is pretty exciting! And while a goal and a plan are great and all, nothing gets me moving like new workout clothes. Today I'm partnering with JC Penney to share my favorite workout wear. Read on for details about today's looks and for three reasons I signed up for a half marathon right now.


Along with cute, affordable workout wear, I thought I would share three reasons why I signed up for this half marathon. Like I said I haven't run consistently in years and I rarely workout in general. I've been in too-tired, too-busy mode for years. So when my friend texted me, I nearly said no. "Sorry, I'm too tired, too busy and too out of shape." BUT, I didn't. I complained a little, but I pretty much said okay. So why? Why reach so high, so quickly? 

1. I need the goal. I have been realizing lately how much I need more order, more structure and more goals in my life. Things have been so chaotic and spur of the moment and inconsistent for years and I'm ready for a change. I need a schedule to follow, a regular thing and I knew that training for a race will do that for you. I haven't run in years because I didn't have a goal or a deadline to get ready for. Tomorrow never came, until it did. Three weeks ago. When Bridget texted me and roped me into a 13.1 kilometer race. In October. 

2. I need the forced health improvements. I also signed up because I really do need the additional strength and stamina that training for this will build. I've felt weak for a long time and I can't wait to feel stronger and healthier again. Muscles would even be nice!

3. I want to get back to the old me. This actually isn't the first time I have run a half marathon. In college I trained for and ran a marathon and half marathon. Soren and I trained for another half marathon while we were engaged. I used to run long distances and I miss that old me. I miss the good thoughts and ideas that come from a long run. I miss the confidence that being strong brings. I am proud of the old me for doing those hard things and it's going to be great to remind myself that I can still do those same hard things. Even if I'm a little slower this time around. 

So,  like I said, I'm still working on the motivation piece in this training. I don't run every day and I haven't kept up with the couch to half marathon schedule that I should be following. But I'm getting in shape, I'm not injured and I'm dangling carrots like new workout clothes in front of my face. :) I love new workout wear and I think you'll love these ones I've styled today. These pieces are all from JC Penney and they are so cute and affordable. I am wearing XS in all of them and I would say the tops fit tts but the bottoms fit small. I would recommend sizing up in the shorts and the leggings. I was surprised to find how many great workout pieces JC Penney carries and of course I love these shoes as well. I don't run in them but they are great for the gym on my off days or for walking. 

Have you challenged yourself lately like this? Maybe think about a 5k in the near future to get you going toward a goal! 

Thanks to JC Penney for sponsoring this post. As always all opinions and styling were my own. 

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