N&S Style Files- Feeling Fall

Happy Friday! I hope you had a great week and have fun things planned for the weekend! We've got lower temps headed our way and I can't wait! Today is the last day of our N&S Style Files for August and since it's nearly the end of the month I've styled Cedar Grove in anticipation of Fall. This earring is so versatile, but it pairs especially well with a Fall color palette!


For today's outfit I went with a super neutral sweater (which is only $10 BTW) and although I'm a sucker for oatmeal, you could totally wear any Fall color and the outfit would work. Try dark maroon, ivory, dark green, teal, navy- all of them! Pair a basic sweater with dark boyfriend jeans or just dark skinny jeans and an animal print boot. I wore my leopard pair (which are older) but you could totally do tiger or snakeskin or another print too. Keep things easy by adding one pattern to a pretty basic outfit and then a great pair of neutral statement earrings.

I hope these outfits helped this week! I think it's pretty obvious that these outfits are fail-proof, but a little Fall style inspo never hurt! Have a good weekend and I'll see you next week!


TOP: This sweater is only $10. It's not itchy, but it's not soft and I'm not sure how many washes it will last. I'm wearing XS and recommend it if you are on a tight budget, but you definitely get what you pay for.
PANTS: These pants are definitely not for a tight budget. They are splurge but I am a big proponent of higher priced denim because the fit and the quality makes you feel like a million bucks. Size down in these and they will be your new favorites.
SHOES: My shoes are from last year and this is this year's version. They are also on sale right now. Fit is TTS.
EARRINGS: I always wear size large, but I typically recommend starting with medium. On sale though the end of the month.

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