What You Need To Know To Shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019

One thing I love about the month of July is the Anniversary Sale! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts in just over a week and today I'm prepping you with what you need to know to shop the sale. If you've never shopped the sale I've got all the details, but if you always shop the sale I've got details for you too! I've navigated this sale for four years now and it's safe to say I've become a bit of an expert. Read on for the who, what, when, where and why of the most fun sale of the year!

It's once a year unlike any other where the NEWEST FALL CLOTHES are on sale. This is the only sale where brand new items go on sale at the beginning of the season, rather than discounted at the end of the season. New fall shoes, clothes, hats, bags, accessories, kids' clothes, men's clothes, and beauty products are all on sale. Staple products from Nordstrom also go on sale during this period and I always stock up! Nothing makes July's heat seem more bearable than thinking forward to Fall!

SALE DATES (Mark these on your calendars!)
Icon Status: July 7-11 - for level 4 cardmembers only
Early Access: July 12-19 - for cardmembers only
Public Access: July 19-August 4
Sale Prices End: August 4

The very best deals or hottest items always sell out during the Early Access period. So, if you really want to shop the sale before things sell out, you’ll probably want to open a card. You can apply for one and as soon as you’re approved you can start shopping, even before your card arrives in the mail. I know it's another cc- I get it! But even if you only shop this sale every year, it's worth getting the card. You get access a full week early, you can order the items you want, and you earn points with your card that go toward Nordstrom cash later. Do yourself a favor and sign up here before July 10th and receive a $60 bonus note just for signing up! Also, it’s free to apply and there are no fees.

Your best shot of getting what you want is to shop the Early Access online that Friday morning. 
To shop in stores, the sale is sectioned off with yellow tape. Anyone can wander through the sale, but you’re not able to purchase anything from the sale unless you have a Nordstrom card. If you are a cardholder you get to pick a few days of the year to designate as your Triple Points Day. I always use the first day of the sale for mine because I spend the most money that day. Those points add up fast when they are tripled! 

This is the sale to look at investing and splurging on things like designer denim, leather bags, leather boots and solid, staple sweaters. Investment worthy items are on sale during the Anniversary Sale and I always pay close attention to those. I'm planning a blog post where I feature a few investment pieces. I'll also do a big designer denim post with try-on's during the first week of the sale. My favorite $200 jeans always go on sale and they are WORTH grabbing at 40-50% off! 

Nordstrom is sometimes overwhelming to shop because there is so much, but the sale shrinks the selection and I'll help pick things out. The Anniversary Sale has thousands of items on sale. It's a lot to sort through- especially if you only shop at Nordstrom a few times a year. That's one reason I always put so much effort into filtering and sorting it out for you. I'll be shopping on Tuesday and will have a list of my faves up on on the blog like I did last year. Be sure to keep checking back here once the sale kicks off, I’ll be keeping close tabs on the sale and will be sharing all of my favorites!


My favorite everyday leggings are always on sale and are perfect for life and working out.
I always pick up some new sneakers at the sale and last year it were these Adidas sneakers. I love the taupe/nude and the black!
This was my favorite leather jacket from last year's sale. It's buttery, easy to move in, and 100% leather. 
These baby blankets are THE BEST blankets ever. If there is one baby item you buy, make it these. They last forever and still look new year's later. Don't waste your money on other baby blankets. 
These were my FAVORITE shoes from last year's sale! Great shoes for transitioning from Summer to Fall.
There is almost always a really good camel color coat that sells out super early. This was last years and it was only $70!
This cardigan is one of my favorite sale purchases ever. I have it in multiple colors, it covers your bum and pairs well with the leggings I mentioned above! 
Don't forget about beauty products! Beauty Blenders are also something I buy every year. It's good to stock up on them. My favorite lotion is always on sale too! This stuff is worth its weight in gold.
My favorite $200 jeans always go on sale and they are WORTH grabbing at 40-50% off! Jeans are one item that I really do think you can use the "cost per wear" argument and get away with it. I literally wear jeans every day.
These throws are literally our favorite and they are part of the Nordstrom sale. They were only $25, they don't pill and they still look brand new a year later. We have them in six colors and counting.


If you didn't already get one in the mail- you can see the sneak peek catalog for the sale here. I think it was styled to look pretty fashion-forward, but I promise there will be so many approachable pieces on sale too!

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