N&S Style Files: Bright Melon Leather Earrings

Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend full of Summer fun. Soren took the big boys to Colorado with him over the weekend and they are flying home by themselves today. EEK! Soren is in charge of a weeklong hiking trip for the teenage boys at church, so he needed to stay longer. He took the chance to get Easton and Kesler into the mountains by driving out there early with them and is loading them on a plane to fly home alone (but together) today. I'm sure they'll be fine, and it will be a great growing experience for them, but I'm still a tad bit nervous! 

Today starts a week of outfit inspo with Nickel & Suede's Earring of the Month. This month is Bright Melon and speaking of nervous, I was a bit nervous about styling this one. It's an earring that I wouldn't normally wear, even though it's a fan favorite! I love it on other people and after this week we'll see how I love it on me!


Bright Melon Leather Earrings (wearing size large) // J.Crew Tippi Sweater (color: soft azalea, wearing size small) // H&M Pants (wearing size 2) //  Solid Slide Mule Booties // Bright Pink Circle Bag // Tapered Horn Pendant Necklace // Chloe Mini Choker  // Ray-Ban Sunnies // N&S Select White Thin Leather Cuff

Today's first look turned out great. I paired the hot pink earrings with a hot pink sweater and even though they aren't exactly the same shade, they still compliment each other. I kept the rest of the outfit neutral with white and tan and I love how it came together. I think you could swap out the striped pants for just white jeans or shorts and the shoes for white sandals or natural leather sandals. This look is definitely a bright work wear look, but you could easy switch things around to make it casual.

The other thing that really pulled the outfit together is the fun pink bag. Having one other accessory that pulls in the earrings is another way to make an outfit really work.

Stay tuned for another Bright Melon leather earring look tomorrow!

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