You're Doing a Good Job

Good morning guys! This week has been full of work and kids and life, but Soren and I had the chance to do something cool this morning and even though it took all morning, it was totally worth it. One of our good friends Josh stopped by work to record a podcast with us. He knows us, knows our story and he is one of our biggest fans. It was so fun to sit down with him and go through our story together. We talked about the beginning of our marriage, our family, our other businesses and Nickel & Suede. We talked a lot about our why and how Soren and I work together. I think it turned out really well, but the best thing I got out of it was learning more about myself and about Soren. For today's post with JCPenney (I've got a monthly collaboration with the brand- you've probably noticed), I think I'll share a few thoughts that came out of that podcast. Plus, I'll be sharing this super cute, new favorite outfit too!


BLOUSE (wearing size xs) // PANTS (wearing size 2 petite) // SANDALS // TRIPLE V RING // SPOTTED LEOPARD LEATHER EARRINGS (wearing size large)

Today's outfit was one that I hoped I'd love and then I REALLY loved. JCPenney has some really cute basics right now at great prices and I'm enjoying adding a little more business style into my everyday style. I am crazy about this top because it's a blouse (perfect for work), but it's also cut like a cool sporty top. The stripes are brown and black, and the buttons are real so it would work for nursing too. It's a little bit cropped, but long enough to tuck the front into these amazing pants!

These pants from JCPenney pleasantly surprised me too. I've been on the hunt for a slim cut pair of dress pants and these are just that. They are a dress pant and are the perfect cropped length. The fabric is really nice, and they are cut just skinny enough. I have them in 2P- this is my first-time wearing petites, but they fit just right. They have an elastic waist and are a little tight to get on, but once they are on, they fit like a glove!

The sandals are also JCPenney- and I like them a lot. They are lightweight and comfy and really affordable. They fit TTS and pull in the brown from the blouse. Overall this was a really interesting and affordable outfit for Spring!

So, what did I learn from today's podcast recording? I learned a lot of things, but the most interesting thing was how profound the answers were to one of the last questions we discussed. Josh asked us,
"If you could print one thing on a fortune cookie, what would it be?"

My answer was: You're doing a good job.
Soren's answer: You can always do better.

It was so telling of our personalities that it shocked me. I was also surprised by how true both of those statements are! Soren and I work well together because he and I are always at odds on this topic. I am the encourager and the positive one and he is the one with the highest standards and expectations. But we need both perspectives to get things done well around here.

Those two answers are two different thoughts that we can all choose to believe about ourselves. The first is sometimes hard to believe because if you are like Soren (and me really!), you know you constantly fall short. But loving ourselves and choosing to encourage ourselves in our thoughts is one way to show ourselves love and grace. It's a good thing to tell ourselves and the people around us "Good job!"

 But that doesn't make the second answer a bad one. It's true that we can always do better and that's actually a really encouraging and hopeful thought. It doesn't mean we are the worst, worthless or hopeless. We can change, we can improve and that's a great thing.

My goal is to work on embracing both thoughts about myself and about situations in life because they can both be true and live together. Hopefully you found those thoughts encouraging and maybe realized which one of those answers you naturally embrace!

I've rounded up my outfit and other favs from JCPenney this month below. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the outfit or our answers in the comments!

Thanks to JCPenney for sponsoring this post. As always all opinions and styling are my own. 

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  1. I love the pieces you picked here - more of a business style. When I look good at work, I feel good at work. I actually picked up this striped top last weekend after seeing it on you - and I LOVE it. It doesn't hug the armpits, which is a nice feature for summer. And overall, it's just very flattering.
    You're doing such a great job in life girl. Congrats on all your success.


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