N&S Style Files: Pink Desert, a Striped Tee and Shorts

It's Friday friends! It's been a busy week at our house and the fun just continues today and into the weekend. We have a big birthday to celebrate at our house- Easton's golden birthday and Mother's Day to celebrate too. Today's look is perfect for the weekend and all the running around that I'll be doing. It's also the last look for this month's N&S Style Files with Pink Desert

Kilee Nickels - What One Little Momma Wore

N&S Style Files - Pink Desert Leather Earrings, Striped Tee and Shorts

Hair bandana and large earrings - OLM

Striped Tee and Shorts Style - Kilee Nickels

Floral Print Flats - OLM

Pink Desert Leather Earrings (wearing size large) // Short Sleeved Blouse (wearing size 2) // Denim Shorts (wearing size 2) // Slides with Bow // Scarf/Headband // Ray-Ban Sunnies // Apple Watch Band // Triple V Ring // Market Tote- coming soon to N&S
Today is Easton's birthday and ten years ago that little (well, big now) guy made me a mom. He was actually born on Mother's Day if you can believe it. I went into labor on a Sunday morning in 2009 and it just so happened to be Mother's Day Sunday. The funny thing was that I didn't even really think about it at the time- I was just worried about having my first baby and all that labor entails! He made me a mom at the young age of 22, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm 32 now and I love everything that mothering over the last ten years has taught me. 

I may be a mom of five, but that doesn't mean I have to dress like it! I love today's playful look with our Pink Desert Leather Earrings. A scarf or a bandana is a great way to add some fun and a little more pink to an outfit. This bandana is just twisted and tied behind my head in simple way. Styled with a basic striped tee and long shorts, these earrings really pull the outfit together. I'll add some fit details below.

TEE: This tee fits TTS or a little big. It's meant to fit loose and it's not sheer. The fabric almost feels like a blouse!

SHORTS: These shorts do run a little small. I could have also worn one size bigger, but they do have stretch, so they worked. Love the length, the price and the wash.

SHOES: Super fun way to add a print and some color. Fit is tts. Great price and the match the earrings perfectly.

EARRINGS: I wear size large.

SCARF: Love this easy bandana. I also have this pink one that would work too!

TOTE: Our Net Market Tote will be back online next week! Love this cute little bag for Spring and Summer!

I hope you've enjoyed this week full of pink! It's been super fun for me to get to style so many outfits and to have a post-up every day this week. When I started my blog I blogged five days a week for years, so it feels like a big accomplishment to get back to that for a hot second. :) 

I hope you have a great weekend and that Mother's Day treats you right!

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