N&S Style Files - Pink Desert and Palm Print Pants

It's a day for alliterations because today's look is all about pink, palm prints and pattern pops! If you missed it yesterday, this week I'm pumped to be styling our Earring of the Month five different ways. The Earring of the Month is one pair of earrings that we put on sale all month long for only $18. We put a new pair on sale each month on the first and this month our featured earring is Pink Desert. This light pink textured leather is a pretty pastel and makes the perfect present for Mother's Day. I'm positive this purchase will be one you are pretty darn pleased with. :)

Kilee Nickels - What One Little Momma Wore

Nickel and Suede Earring of the Month - Pink Desert Leather Earring

OLM - Palm Print Pants

Nickel & Suede Select Gray cuff - Kilee Nickels

One Little Momma Hat - Palma Wide Fedora

Pink Coconuts Slide Shoe

One Little Momma Style - Pink Desert and Palm Print Pants

Today's look has me ready for a tropical getaway. I picked up this pair of palm leaf printed pants (for less than $18!) and paired them with a great gray graphic tee. The green in these pants really makes Pink Desert pop and I tied the blush color in with these fun pink sandals. Top the whole outfit off with our Palma Fedora and you have a look that will transport you to a tropical destination- whether that is in your mind or maybe you actually have a fun trip coming up! 

Read below for specific sizing info:

EARRINGS: I always wear size large. These leather earrings come with Sterling Silver hooks but can be swapped for gold. They also come in size small and medium.

CUFF: Did you know Nickel & Suede also makes and sells leather cuffs? This Select Gray cuff is the perfect gray color and the slit design is one of my favorites. I wear size small and size small fits most women.

TEE: This tee is pricey, but it's very, very nice. Fit is TTS. I'm wearing XS. The cuffed sleeves are tacked so they don't come undone and it has washed up well so far!

PANTS: Only $18! And the fit is TTS or a little small. I always size up in higher waisted pants, so I have them in size 4. Love how lightweight they are and I can see myself wearing these all Summer!

SHOES: These fit TTS. They are super comfy and I get compliments every time I wear them. They also come in a few other colors. 

HAT: Love, love, love this hat. It's so durable. I've worn it all over and even had my kids step on it. It keeps it shape, keeps out the rain and keeps looking good. Definitely worth investing in. 

If you missed yesterday's Pink Desert look go here, and stay tuned tomorrow for another fun way to style this light pink, lightweight leather earring! PS- Today is the last day to order for Mother's Day arrival with Priority shipping!

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