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It's time for another outfit round up! These posts are fun because they are a great snapshot of what I've been wearing over the last few weeks and they are super easy to pin from. Do you still use Pinterest to pin outfit ideas for later? Pinterest is one of my biggest traffic drivers here at OLM, so even if you don't look at your boards often, it helps me if you pin outfits that you love. Hopefully other women will find style ideas too and come follow along with all of the things happening here at One Little Momma! I always appreciate it so much when you share or tag friends and send them my way. It feels great and helps more than you know!


 Over the years I've gone from using a photographer for most of my outfit photos to using an iPhone most of the time! My iPhone X does so well that it's pretty easy to snap outfit pics in real time and share them on Instagram, Facebook and the app. I take all of my pics with my camera on my phone and I edit them in the free version of the Lightroom app. Last week I shared how you can purchase the presets I use here. You can even use code KILEE for $20 off. 

I hope you have a fabulous Wednesday! Thanks for following, sharing, pinning and doing all of the things that support me and my fam!

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