Five Things To Look Forward To

Happy Monday guys! This month has flown by and I'm not going to lie- I'm kind of excited about it. As you know Rush had surgery last week and I've been dreading that surgery for months. It is such a relief for it to be over and it honestly feels like a fresh start! That was the last of his big, planned surgeries for the next few years so after he is done healing, we think things should feel pretty normal for us! So, now that we are through that big event, I'm ready to start planning some fun! Today I've partnered with JCPenney to share some easy Spring style and five things I'm looking forward to over the next month!


This outfit is a great mix of everyday pieces and even some work wear! I found this top in the work wear section and immediately scooped it up. It's such a chic cut and pattern and as you can see, easily dresses up or done. I am wearing an XS and it fits TTS. Normally I size down at JCPenney, but this top is a slim fit and I think I could even wear a small. 

I've been wearing these jeans on repeat over here. They are a great price and the length is just perfect for Spring. I think they fit a little small, especially if you put them in the dryer so choose your size accordingly. This tote just screams Spring and Summer to me- in the most neutral way possible! :) I love the texture and the size. It will work great for outings with kids as well as just an easy everyday tote for me. Also, I've been wearing these shoes for the last month or so and I have got to tell you how comfortable they are. They are Keds brand and have so much squishy support inside. I love that they have the look of Vans, but they feel so much better. 

So- it's almost May- surgery is done- it's warm outside- what are we looking forward to over here?

1. Memorial Day weekend. One of my favorite traditions of the year is called Celebration at the Station in Kansas City and it's always on the Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend. It feels like everyone in the entire city comes together outside at Union Station to hear the KC Orchestra play patriotic songs and then watch fireworks over the WWI Memorial. It's amazing. We go every year and I just love it!

2. Our pool! We're opening our pool next week and although it will be FREEZING, it's still so fun to get it going. I never thought we would own a home with a pool, but now that we do, I really love it. The boys swim every day, it's a great reason to have friends over, and it's just a really fun family activity.

3. Easton's birthday. My oldest will be turning ten this month and I'm excited to celebrate him. He is such a good kid, like a total gem. He's a great big brother, so sweet to me and a perfectionist at heart. He and I still have his birthday plans in the works, but it's going to be great no matter what we do. 
4. Going to see Endgame. I guess this makes me a true boy mom, but I'm really excited to get to the theaters soon to see the last movie in this series. We haven't been able to leave Rush yet, but once we can we are going! I have four younger brothers and five sons so it's kinda a no brainer that I've seen all of the superhero movies. I even watched Infinity War and Guardians of the Galaxy while I was at the hospital with Rush. I'm so ready! 

5. My hydrangeas blooming. I'm no gardener and I often kill plants, but we have a big hydrangea bush in our front yard and I love it so much. It gets these big white blooms and I've been waiting for weeks for it to come back to life! Fingers crossed it will be soon. 

So what are you looking forward to this month? School getting out? Summer starting? 

Thanks to JCPenney for sponsoring this post. As always, the styling and opinions are my own. 

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  1. I love your top! Our local JCPenney closed, and I'm so heartbroken. It was one of my favorite stores to shop at. I can't wait for Endgame either!!


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