Puerto Rico- Outfits and Trip Pics

Happy Friday friends! This weekend marks the start of our Spring break, but we actually already took our Spring break type trip. In late February we took all of the kids to Puerto Rico to visit our friends who recently moved to the island. It was the first time we've taken the kids to such a foreign place and traveled so far. While we wish we could have stayed longer, we definitely made the most of it and really enjoyed our time. Today I'm sharing our photos and outfits details from our trip. Get ready for it- this post is a long one!


I've had lots of questions about our trip, what we did, where we stayed, etc. I did share my travel tips here, but our actual trip plans were somewhat unique. We didn't stay in a hotel, instead we stayed with our friends. We also were pretty flexible with our plans due to the fact that we had ten kids with us! We had a day at the beach, pool time, kayaking and lots of snacks. We also visited Old San Juan with kids and without kids. I've gotta say it was more enjoyable without kids! ;)  It was really a simple trip that was most enjoyable because we had some sunshine, friends and we got out of town!

You can watch a video recap of our trip here. It's pretty fun to have vlogger friends. :)

Have you ever been to Puerto Rico? What were your favorite parts of your trip?

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