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Over the last few years I've been fortunate enough to do quite a bit of traveling. When I was a kid, in college and in our early married years, we rarely traveled. If we did it was a road trip and while I do love a good road trip, flying sure is nice. Since starting our own business Soren and I have done quite a bit of traveling together for work- from Milan, Italy to New York City and more. We've gone on photo shoots to Palm Springs, Montana, and Charleston. Today I'm sharing my list of travel essentials and favorite products that I love for travel as we've roamed the globe. If it says anything about how much we travel, I now keep a travel size toiletry bag packed and in fact, we're taking the kids on a trip this week! 


First up, travel style. I've learned that I love to travel in comfort, but it's still gotta feel cute. Usually that means leggings or joggers- sometimes jeans- and layers. I always get hot and cold when I fly so something like a cardigan or a pullover is helpful to add or remove layers. I know that some women like to use a giant scarf or travel shawl, but if I have kids with me that feels impractical to keep on while bustling through the airport.

As far as shoes go it's almost only Birkenstocks or sneakers. Depending on if I have a cold or warm weather destination, Birks and sneaks allow me to hustle, get through security easily and then bring a pair of shoes along on the trip that I'll wear again.

Here are a few travel outfits I've worn on trips this last year.



Now for luggage...

- I'm a big fan of over-packing. That being said, my luggage isn't huge and I'm a big fan of the set that I use regularly. I love that my luggage is white, even though it gets dirty. It's really easy to find in baggage claim and it's a great mid-priced set. I bought Soren a new set of suitcases for Christmas this year and he has really loved them so far. They are Calpak brand and are so nice! 

- As far as other luggage needs- our family definitely uses packing cubes. Each of my kids have a different color of this set and it makes getting packed and organized so easy! I use this
cute cactus set that my MIL gifted me, and we all know whose things are whose. 

- I tried this hat clip on our last trip and loved the functionality of it. I often take a hat on our trips and it can be so annoying to carry or wear all of the time. This clip helped while going through the airport. Soren and I also use these reusable bags for our carry-ons, and it makes separating our liquids, gels and aerosols pretty easy. 

- Recently I was gifted some luggage tags and I love having them. They add a little personality to my suitcases and look so much better than those paper ones you have to redo every time you fly! 

- We haven't traveled internationally a whole lot, but passports are pretty necessary anywhere that you fly now. I'm a big fan of my little gold passport case from J. Crew- and it's on sale!

And last but not least, beauty! I'm not going to write a big ole travel beauty routine for you. I don't have a skin care regimen for the plane ride, but I do have a few products that I for sure keep in my carry on or personal item. They will save me if my luggage gets lost and help with a refresh after the plane ride. 

EYE DROPS- I wear contacts and theses are a must for me. If I get any sleep on a plane my eyes dry out. This pulls out the red and adds a little liquid to my eyes. 

BLUSH STICK- This stick is a miracle stick. Works well for blush and for lips and it won't crack or break like a powder blush. 

CONCEALER- This one is a fave for a quick refresh.

TEXTURE POWDER- My hair always falls flat when I travel. A powder like this or this actually adds a lot of volume and texture! Just sprinkle a little in at the roots all over the areas you want the lift and then rub it in. You'll be amazed!

EYEBROW PENCIL- I draw my brows in everyday so keeping a pencil handy is a must. You never know when someone or something could wipe your brows away!

LIP GLOSS- Of course this is always handy in my bag along with this lip balm.

HAND LOTION- My hands dry out when I travel and this one is a great moisturizer. 




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  1. I love these packing posts! The packing cubes really helped on our last trip!


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