Massive Outfit Round Up

It's Friday guys and I'm not mad about it! This week has been such a whirlwind for both Soren and I! Moving into our new work space has been WONDERFUL, but just like moving anywhere, it's a lot of work. There are so many things to unpack and little details to finish. Soren has been working long hours and as you know, that's never fun for the rest of us. ;) Next week I'll be heading out of town for a photo shoot and meet-up in Charleston, SC so we've been getting ready for that. I also joined the club and watched one episode of Marie Kondo on Netflix which means I've been doing some major purging. It's just that time of year! It feels good to be organizing at work and at home and hopefully setting ourselves up for good things!

Today I've got a major outfit roundup for you. It's been a minute since I posted Instagram outfits over here so I've got a bunch to share. I've linked everything (hopefully it's still all in stock!) and feel free to pin outfit ideas for later! 




Reminder, you can always shop these outfits in real time in several places. The app is a great place to shop these and more outfits. Think of it as a shopping app so that Instagram can stay a place for cute pics. Scroll IG for pics, open the app to shop. All the outfits I share on Instagram are in the app and you can even follow me there. You can shop my outfits and even save items to a favorites folder to shop later.

You can also follow ONE little MOMMA Blog on Facebook for deals and outfits. 

Have a terrific weekend and if you too are binge purging, may the force be with you!

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