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Hey guys, in case you didn't know, Christmas is only 12 days away! And if you are like me, you haven't purchased your husband anything yet. Most of my other gifts have been purchased and are on their way, but Soren's pile is looking pretty sparse. I'm sure I'm not alone in this effort though because buying for the men in our lives is just not easy- whether it's your boyfriend, your husband, your brother or your Dad. They either buy what they want when they want it, or their list is full of things that are way too specific or over budget. But all is not lost. I have pulled together all my best ideas over the years and taken a bunch of your suggestions on Instagram as well to put together this Men's Holiday Gift Guide. Fingers crossed we can all find something on this list because time is running out! And if you've already taken care of your man, keep this post bookmarked for later because these items I'm pretty sure are going to be winners any time of year!

Men's Holiday Gift Guide - One Little Momma


1. Original Grain Watch- These watches were introduced to me earlier this year and I knew my Dad would love them. He is a watches guy and these ones are gorgeous. This is one of the most unique watches I've seen as they are made from authentic reclaimed hardwoods and stainless steel, each handcrafted watch is one of a kind. I even got this one for myself that is Camo and made from real military camo uniforms!

Men's Holiday Gift Guide- Original Grain Watches

2. Wireless Bose Speaker- Soren is a Bose junkie. He swears by them as the best speakers and this one is by far our most used. This little wireless one can be easily moved into the garage, to the backyard, or by the grill. We always take it with us when we travel. No plug-ins needed!

3. Red Wing Boot- These boots are my favorite of Soren's shoes. I love the look and he wears them often! They are a classic and last forever because the leather is amazing and they can be re-soled. 

4. Yeti Cooler- This one is even on my list. Not only are they beautiful but they are super functional too. Use them for a camping weekend or a simple picnic with the family- anything you put in there will stay cold!

5. Warm Jacket- If you want to get your husband a gift he'll be impressed with- this coat is it. It's the warmest and most lightweight coat out there- you literally forget you're wearing it. Super warm and never too warm at the same time! When Soren thinks of buying gifts for the important guys in his life this is what he always wants to get. Soren LIVES in his. He has two.

6. Cologne- I wear the Aqua Di Gio for women and I love the Aqua Di Gio for Soren. The smell is amazing. His favorite (since high school!) is Clinique Happy for Men, but he might not love that I told you that. :)

7. Hiking/Everyday Backpack- Soren swears by this backpack. It's his go-to for traveling, going to work, and for hiking. He would prefer to always be hiking, so using a more technical backpack during the week makes him feel a little more like he's on his way to the outdoors. 

8. Meat Thermometer- This is Soren's favorite kitchen tool. He actually cooks if he can use this thing! This one magnetizes to the grill and folds like a pocket knife to fit in your pocket! And best of all, it actually helps him cook the steaks better!

9. New Luggage Set- New luggage is always a great gift- especially if you have any upcoming trips. I snagged this set for Soren. It's a great brand and comes in more colors too! (52% off right now)

10. UGG Slippers- Hands down the best slippers you will ever buy. They have a sturdy sole but don't take away from the comfort. Soren won't wear any other brand because most brands don't use real shearling which means your feet will sweat in them. 

11. Leather Messenger Bag- If Soren isn't carrying a backpack, he is carrying his man-bag. I love the look of them and they are really functional too! He says the vertical orientation feels so much better to carry.

12. Good Gloves- Soren loves gloves, loves them. These are his favorites. But he likes these and these too. 

13. Apple Watch- Soren bought me an Apple watch earlier this year and I keep telling him he needs one too. I've almost got him convinced!

14. Wireless Headphones- Headphones are something Soren uses often. He loves his AirPods, but also likes noise canceling and other kinds of headphones too. 

15. Wallet- If it's been a few years your man's wallet may be looking a little rough. Soren doesn't like the huge wallets but would rather stick to something thin like this one. He especially likes the baseball themed detailing.

16. Yardzee Game- Yard games are always a good idea whether it's bean bag toss or washers. Yardzee is a fun one that I've never seen before that someone recommended!

17. Leaf Blower- A true necessity for any garage....but especially now that they're available as electric! Soren got one last year and he loves it. Our boys even got toy leaf blowers and those were a hit too! There are tons of other tools from this brand that use the same 40V batteries.

18. Beard Grooming Kit- Soren doesn't have a beard but I heard from lots of you whose husbands do that men take pride in the maintenance of their facial hair.

19. Electric Air Fryer- This is the popular cooking device to own this year. By allowing you to cook with a spoon or less of oil, the air fryer is the perfect tool to make healthier meals.

20. Squatty Potty- Just click the link, it speaks for itself.

21. "Date Night" Jacket- This jacket Soren would never actually wear...but sometimes a husband has to dress the way wife wants :)

22. Electric Smoker- This smoker is fantastic. You can control the on/off and temperature on your phone. It keeps constant temperatures 

23. Patagonia Sweater- Patagonia is having a big come back right now, but they have always had great quality. These sweaters are the best and can easily be dressed down or up. Pretty sure Soren and I both need a few- and my brother could use one too.
24. Lightweight Pocket Knife- Soren does not believe in box openers. They aren't safe to carry around or put in your pocket. So even though it's kind of kringy to use a nice knife to open amazon packages - he still prefers to have a knife on him all. the. time. And that means it needs to be lightweight, thin, but sturdy at the same time. These knives he says have the very best and easiest locking mechanism out there. He even bought me one. Oh, and a tip for nice knives....don't ever get a serrated blade....apparently they don't need it. 

25. Wool Socks- Soren said he'll take ammo and new wool socks for Christmas for the rest of his life. I'm not sure how to buy him ammo but socks I can do! Good wool socks keep your feet warm while also wicking the sweat and are super soft. Always size up and let them hang dry. These are his favorite. 

26. SprezzaBox Subscription- Why surprise your husband once when you can surprise him monthly?! Choose a monthly plan or a yearly option and he'll receive a men's subscription box that will keep him looking dapper. 

27. Nice Pair of Jeans- This is a staple for any man's closet. 

28. Shoe Shapers- These help remove moisture and odor from dress shoes while the expandable toe helps maintain proper shape for long-lasting wear.

29. The Perfect Pushup- Hint it's not a bra. Soren had some wrist injuries during baseball so he can't do pushups without these. They are easy to travel with and great for hotel warriors.

30. Nice Sneakers- Replace your husband's old mowing shoes with some nice sneakers he'll appreciate.
I'd love to hear what you are buying the guys in your life. Leave your best ideas in the comments!
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