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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hot Tools. All opinions are 100% mine.

Happy Friday! I've got a fun post for you today- my most asked for hair tutorial. And lucky for you (and me) it's my easiest hair style ever. I've had lots of requests for a tutorial on my half top knot and today I'm partnering with Hot Tools to share this go-to easy style. 


Hot Tools is launching a Signature Series line to bring their best, stylist recommended tools to consumers. My first flat iron was from Hot Tools and my stylist uses their tools as well. I love their easy to use products and have definitely been enjoying a refresh to my hair tools game as I've played with their tools over the last few weeks. Hot Tools and I both believe Everyone Deserves Beautiful and so today I'm sharing this short hair tutorial to help you get ready and feel beautiful too! I love having short hair because it makes it easy to do my hair. I don't have a lot of options and that makes my life simple. If I don't have my hair down or curled, it's usually in a messy topknot. But it looks cute and I feel good in it! So follow along below for this easy, pretty, short hair style.

First a little background on my hair: 

  • I have thin to normal straight hair. It's cut in an asymmetrical bob and I get it cut every 4-6 weeks. I just had it cut so you can see today's length is about as short as I go. 
  • I wash my hair every 3-5 days. In between I use a lot of dry shampoo and I do shower every day. 
  • I refresh my hair by letting it get a little damp in the shower and then blow drying it as much as needed to get it dry again. 
  • After drying it I'll apply dry shampoo or dry conditioner. Even on days when I do wash it, I apply dry shampoo.
For today's style I used:

To start I always apply dry shampoo. I apply it to clean or dirty hair. It gives the hair some grit and helps everything hold better.

Next, I use a backcombing comb to tease my roots to add volume. I specifically focus on the front top section of my hair that will be pulled up into the top knot. I don't want my hair too slippery or flat so that it hugs my head. Teasing it before pulling it up adds volume to the style.

I usually tease it in three-inch sections. So, for the top I probably teased 4-5 sections right at the root.

Next pull up the section that will be going in the top knot. Think the entire middle top section of your hair. Try to make it even on both sides of your head and keep a relatively straight part on each side and the back. As you can see in the picture, I am not pulling the hair tight against my head.

Grab your clear elastic band and start to pull your pony through the loop. Do not pull it all of the way through. Only pull it halfway and then twist it around a second time.

Pull the top knot on each side to widen it and poof up the top knot.

Next use the comb to tease the hair that you left down near the roots. This adds volume to the hair you left down.

To hide the elastic and add a little polish to the style, grab a small section of hair from the remaining hair. Wrap it around the base of the topknot and use a bobby pin to secure it.

Depending on the day- you could stop here, and leave the remaining hair straight. Today, I'm also going to curl it to elevate it a little more.

I typically curl my hair with my 1" flat iron and this one from Hot Tools works really well. I love that it has a temperature control so that you can make it as hot or cool as you need it. It heats up quickly and is really easy to control. A 1" curling iron like this one from Hot Tools will also work, especially if your hair is a little longer than mine.

Curl most of your hair away from your face. Alternate every 3-4 pieces and curl them toward your face.

And that's it! A half topknot is a quick way to get a new look with short or long hair. Straighten your hair or curl it for two different styles.

You can find these Hot Tools at Walmart or on Amazon. If you are in need of a new blow dryer, flat iron or curling iron this year, add these ones to the your list!
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