Velvet Pants and a Lace Top

Happy Thanksgiving week guys! It's an exciting time of year and I don't know about you but I've definitely already over extended myself. :) We're doing a laid-back Thanksgiving at our house and my mom and I are sharing the cooking. We never travel this week now that we own a business that is SO BUSY during this week of the year, but we do take a few days off to enjoy the week and our family. 

Kilee Nickels Style - Velvet Pants and a Lace Top

OLM wearing J.Crew Lodge coat in Italian stadium-cloth wool

How to Style Velvet Pants with One Little Momma

J.Crew Pull-on easy pant in velvet - Kilee Nickels

Thanksgiving and Christmas Outfits -OLM

We never dress up a whole lot for Thanksgiving or Christmas Day, but this year my version of dressing up is basically glorified sweatpants so I'm thinking this outfit is an option! Velvet pants are hot this year, and really anything velvet is trending. I'm so on board with the texture that velvet adds to an outfit- it is so soft!!! Velvet pants are incredibly comfortable and this pair particularly even has a stretchy waist! There is almost nowhere that I won't wear them.

Velvet Pants are trending according to Kilee Nickels

Adding velvet to an outfit - Kilee Nickels

What One Little Momma Wore - Velvet Pants

Nickel and Suede Gold Leaf Disc Statement Leather Earrings with Gold Post

Holiday Outfit Ideas from One Little Momma

Steve Madden Carrson Sandal worn by Kilee Nickels

Lace Top for the Holidays

ASOS Vila Lace Long Sleeve Top

Wearing Velvet Pants for the Holidays - One Little Momma
J.Crew Velvet Pants // ASOS Lace Long Sleeve Tee //  J.Crew Wool Coat // Steve Madden Sandal // N&S Gold Leaf Disc Statement Leather Earrings // N&S Gold Leaf Wide Leather Cuff // Gold Crisscross Ring // Ray-Ban Sunglasses // Essie Wicked Nail Polish
For a really dressy outfit option, that still feels so comfy, I'd highly recommend these velvet pants with a lace top and heels. They also pair really well with other sleek blouses and even chunky sweaters. I sized down in these and found several other options you could also try. I own these (H&M version) and definitely love these too (Madewell version)!
And the best news is that these pants, this coat and a whole bunch of other pretty things are on sale for 40% off right now. Use code TOGETHER for 40% off everything! I've rounded up my sale faves below.

Stay tuned for more sales posts this week. I've got a round up of all of the sales, plus my picks at many of my favorite stores. It's gonna be a great week!


  1. I love this outfit and just ordered the pants and top!! They were out of the regular length so I got petite. I am 5'4" so I hope the work! We are heading to NYC soon and this will be perfect for an evening out to watch the Rockettes! Thank you!! I will need tower warmer shoes, so do you think booties will work? Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  2. I do think the right booties will work! Have a wonderful time in NYC!


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