My Dagne Dover Bag- Review

A few months ago, I began the hunt for a new work bag. I wanted one that would work for days that I went in to work and days that I ran errands with kids. I asked for recommendations on Instagram and got so many good ones. I love backpacks and all kinds of bags, but I knew I needed something that would carry my planner and my laptop, plus all of my other things!  Many of you love your Longchamp or your LV, and I looked at all of them! But I ended up deciding on Dagne Dover bag and as promised, I'm sharing my review today.


BP. The Perfect Shirt // BLANKNYC The Madison Jeans // Solid Slide Mule Booties // Turquoise Statement Ring // Dagne Dover Legend Tote // Turquoise Statement Ring // Crossover Ring // Silver Leaf Leather Earrings // Apple Watch // Ray-Ban Original Aviator Sunglasses

I was really drawn to the color and the size of this tote. I love a big bag and olive is one of my favorite colors. The bag is made from a coated canvas and it honestly looks and behaves a lot like leather. The bag holds it shape well and is lined. It also has a padded detachable cup holder inside which works well for water bottles and bottles! It has a laptop sleeve and a planner sleeve on one side and multiple pockets on the other side. The laptop and planner side is padded and has a magnetic strap that holds them closed. The bag does zip closed but I rarely close it. The shoulder straps are the perfect length and it fits on your shoulder well. The other feature I love is the key clip. It's the easiest way to keep track of your keys in this deep of a bag.

The only downside of this bag is its weight. It gets heavy really fast. It's not really heavy on its own, but when you add a laptop, a water bottle, a planner and other things, it's heavy. 

Overall. I love the size, the fabric and the function of the bag! They do offer a slightly smaller version and matching pouches and wallets. It also comes in more colors! If you don't need to carry the bag for long amounts of time, this bag is really an idea work and life bag. Let me know if you have any more questions about this Dagne Dover bag. If you are in need of a new heavy duty tote- this is a great option!

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