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Happy Wednesday friends! It's been a beautiful week in Kansas City and I feel like all I do is talk about the weather. This has been one of the best Fall's in recent KC history. The temps have been perfect, the leaves have been BEAUTIFUL, and it's November 7th and still not freezing. But what else has been going on lately you say? Well, I'm here to report. :)


It feels like I've been on the go all month and I'm probably not wrong. Since getting back from our trip to San Antonio I've been packing in all kinds of meetings at work, parent teacher conferences with kids and the last of our soccer activities. All of those things sound like they could be in the 'no-fun' category, but they've actually been really great. I love having meetings at work because my employees are so awesome and good things are happening. I love meeting with my kids' teachers because 1.) they are the best and 2.) my kids are awesome. I'm so proud of how they are doing in school. And while soccer socks will forever be on my black-list, soccer games and soccer momming is pretty great. 

(The last game of the season I had some fun and painted the boys' hair to match their uniforms. Gotta say it looked pretty darn cool and handsome too!)

Today's outfit is an easy one to replicate this Fall. I love these black Adidas so much that I also have them in beige. They are a great alternative to my black Nikes and fit TTS. These jeans aren't available anymore, but this brand does not disappoint. I'd recommend these. And this top is from Madewell last year, but H&M has a similar one now. If you want the Madewell quality, I'm loving this buffalo plaid version!

What have you been busily enjoying lately? What are you looking forward to?


  1. Love the matching hair! And the happy boys :)
    How do you lose the weight after having babies with being so busy?
    I wasn't able to lose the weight after my last kiddo as she was diagnosed with a genetic disorder and then 3 months later my 4 year old got diagnosed with cancer.
    So now here I am 2 years later with all the baby weight still and not sure what to do!

  2. Hi Kilee! I just discovered your blog last month and I love reading your posts! I found you as I was looking for short haircuts to take to a consultation. I'm taking the plunge and cutting off my long hair tomororw and you are my inspiration. So thank you! :)

    I was wondering what types of shoes you wear with your outfits in the winter. I hate being cold and I always struggle with finding the right footwear that's comfortable, but still makes me look put together and keeps my feet warm. Any suggestions?




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