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Last week I had a friend over and one of the things she asked me was, "What's with you and JCPenney lately?" She had seen me talking up my favorite affordable boots, plus my go-to sneakers and black jeans. I told her that I've been collaborating with JCPenney on some recent style posts and that I have been so happily surprised at the great prices and quality items I've been able to find there! It's definitely bumped up on my list of places to shop and share with you! Today I've collaborated with JCPenney again to share this easily repeatable Fall outfit with you, plus some of my other favorite items available now.

JCPenney Outfits Featuring Kilee Nickels


Why I love to shop at JCPenney - OLM

a.n.a Long Sleeve Round Neck Pullover Sweater

JCPenney Womens Outfit Ideas - One Little Momma

JCPenney Fashion with Kilee Nickels

ADD TO FAVORITES a.n.a Long Sleeve Round Neck Pullover Sweater

Levis 711 Skinny Ankle Jean JCPenney - Kilee Nickels

Levi's Midweight Hooded Parka - OLM

Fall Fashion with Kilee Nickels

ana Albany Womens Bootie JCPenney - Kilee Nickels

Affordable Winter Boots worn by One Little Momma

Levi's Midweight Hooded Parka

One Little Momma Shopping at JCPenney

I love that JCPenney carries brands like New Balance and Levis, but also has great items from their own brands like Arizona and a.n.a. I've been able to find great quality basics that are totally on trend and at a great price point. Today's outfit is made from great basics that you can wear again and again. I would definitely pair this sweater with a sequined skirt or ripped jeans. The boots could go with gray or olive or blue jeans too!

Here are some item details to help you shop:
JACKET: This jacket is a great mid-weight jacket. It's got some thickness to it so it is warm, but it's not a heavy winter coat. If you live somewhere that has mild winters this coat would work great. If you live in the Midwest where we are currently living through a blizzard, this would be a great transitional jacket. I'm wearing XS. It also comes in a great black color.

SWEATER: This sweater has a pretty cable knit pattern and a great chunky knit. I have it in size XS. It did shed when I put it on, but since washing it it's been great. 

JEANS: These jeans are my new go-to black jeans. I love the price and they fit TTS.

SHOES: I can't say enough good things about these boots. They fit TTS, but if you want to wear thick socks with them then I would size up half a size. They keep selling out so hopefully they continue to restock them. These and these are similar options that I also love. 

    Here is a round up of other things I'm loving now at JCPenney

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