Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! Halloween time is such a fun time to be a parent and boy have we had fun with costumes this year! We've got some handmade love happening and some easy-way-out store bought action too. :) Last week we attended a trunk-or-treat at church and we gave our costumes a trial run!

I bought Rush's astronaut/flight suit costume when we were in Houston last Spring. He grew a little more than I anticipated but we made it work! He thought his hat was totally annoying, but he did let me snap a few pics before it was discarded for the night. I wanted to coordinate with him in some way, so I decided to be outer space. We cut out paper stars and taped them to my all-black outfit. Easy peasy!

Outer Space and her little astronaut.

Easton and Soren made this leather Gladiator costume. Easton had his costume idea sketched for months and it turned out so well! Soren sewed his leather vest/breastplate and his lappets (the apron). It was a fun project for them both!

Kesler and Baker were matching ninjas (from Target) this year. They both played the part well!

Baker and Kesler are ninjas!

Knox has wanted to be a storm trooper for years and this year we found a costume that fit him perfectly! 

And as excited as I am for Halloween- I can definitely say I'm as excited or more for our new Nickel & Suede Holiday Collection launching tomorrow! We have new metallics, pretty colors and a new statement earring! We’re bringing back some of your favorite textures alongside a few unexpected twists that we hope you love!

Experience N&S in a whole new way with exclusive holiday styles, our first N&S candle, and limited-edition holiday boxes. Mark your calendars and start shopping at 9 am CST November 1st. Until them, scroll down to see a sneak peek below.

Today I've got the behind the scenes video (narrated by yours truly) to give you a whole bunch of sneak peeks! What pair are you most excited about???

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  1. That little astronaut costume is so adorable! Can you share where your boots are from? Love those!


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