Fall Wardrobe Basics- Tops, Tees & Pants

Hey friends- I've had a lot of requests for a post like this and I've finally done it! Today is the start of a three-post series sharing the staple pieces in my wardrobe. These blog posts will go over all the basics that make up my closet. These are items that can be worn over and over again and mixed and matched. It's definitely as close to sharing a capsule wardrobe as I have ever done! 
Wardrobe Basics - Tops, Tees & Pants
    This week I'll be sharing my favorite:

Each post will feature 8-10 suggested pieces and then multiple options to shop for those items. Hopefully these posts will help you find and fill holes in your wardrobe and thus be able to create many more outfits from adding just a few key pieces. This round of wardrobe basics is geared toward Fall, but I can update it to be Winter ready in the next few months if this proves helpful!

I've tried to find several different price points for each item. Each category has the item in the collage linked. I didn't include dresses, skirts or business casual items in this round up because I knew things could escalate quickly the more categories that I tried to cover. I tried to keep things really manageable, casual and comfortable. :) I'm more than happy to take a stab at some of those other categories though if there is interest!

1. Plaid Shirt : A plaid shirt is a great way to add a print to your outfit. Wear it buttoned with black or blue jeans or unbuttoned and layered with a tee or graphic tee. You can also just wear it around your waist.

2. Black Tee : This is a year round staple for layering under things and wearing alone.

3. Chambray Shirt: This is a classic and can be worn so many ways. Wear it with black or colored jeans, a skirt, and even blue jeans (it works best if your jeans are a different color blue). Try layering it under a cardigan too.

4. White Blouse: I always fall back on this staple for dressy events. And lately I'm loving wearing one under overalls. 

5. Distressed Jean: Love a distressed jean for adding interest to an outfit. I think these have been around long enough that we all know jeans with holes are okay!

6. Graphic Tee: I love a good graphic tee year round. Layer it under a cardigan or a plaid shirt or wear it alone. It can also look really chic under a blazer!

7. Black Jean: I wear black jeans at least once a week. They look good with everything.

8. Gray Tee: You can never have too many gray tees. Wear them alone, layer them under a cardigan, or use them to ground a crazy pair of pants or a wild skirt.

9. White Tee: Yet another obvious basic. This one is my current favorite, but we all know the hunt for a new white tee never ends. : )

10. Dark Skinny Jean: These are my very favorite and are a pair I highly recommend investing in. A high quality and well fitting pair of dark skinny jeans can give you the confidence to do almost anything!

Stay tuned for Sweaters & Jackets edition of Fall Wardrobe Basics! And please leave a comment if this post was helpful. I'd love to help you each shop one on one, but hopefully this is the next best thing!

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