Fall Wardrobe Basics- Sweaters & Jackets

Welcome to the next installment of Fall Wardrobe Basics. This post has all of the Fall layers that I know you and I both love. Today I’ll be sharing many of my favorite jackets and sweaters that work well in any capsule wardrobe. You can mix and match these basics with other basics on my list in outfits that always work. I’m a big believer that with the right basics you can get dressed and feel confident every day, no matter how many times you have worn them.
Wardrobe Basics - Sweaters & Jackets

1. Striped Sweater - A striped sweater is a great stand-alone piece that you can wear with many different bottoms and shoes. It also works well as a layer under a jacket or a layer over a shirt- like a chambray shirt. This one is a classic. DO go for ivory or white based sweater and choose navy or black stripes depending on what you wear more of. I typically choose black, but navy is great as well.

2. Print Sweater - I feel like you can have a little individual fun with this one. I especially love camo or leopard, but I also just ordered a sweater with tigers printed all over it, so any print could work. Prints pair well with solids like an over-sized cardigan, a jacket or solid bottoms. Depending on the scale of the print you could also mix it with another print.

3. Military/Camo Jacket or Vest - This is definitely a Fall must have year after year. I would argue that you could use and wear the heck out of all three (a camo jacket, military jacket and military vest) but if you are really trying to simplify they should all be able to get the job done on their own. Wear this with the striped or printed sweater, a graphic or solid tee, jeans, black jeans- all the things really. Don't be afraid to treat a camo jacket like a neutral green jacket. This will be your most versatile jacket option.

4. Black Leather Jacket - This can be an investment piece, or it could not. If you are going to buy faux leather, black is the way to go. It will look the most like real leather and stay looking the best for the longest. If you are going to buy a real leather jacket, try a bunch of them. I love the moto look, but a slightly more feminine cut can be worn more ways. Wear this with a sweater, jeans, a skirt or a dress. THIS is my moto jacket and THIS is my more feminine cut jacket.

5. Over sized Cardigan - There is no such thing as too many of these, but if you have the right one, you can literally wear it with everything.

6. Fleece Pullover - This is piece that I bought several of last Winter and I never regretted it. Wear them inside, outside, with sweats or with jeans. You'll enjoy the warmth and look cute too.

7. Solid Sweater - This is a no-brainer. I'd recommend black, gray or taupe for the most versatility, but you could also use a solid sweater to add some color to your wardrobe by choosing burgundy,  olive or rust. I'd suggest owning at least one fitted sweater (works better under jackets and with skirts and tailored pants) and then one that is more over-sized and loose.

8. Denim Jacket - I have more denim jackets than I care to admit but really one will do. Wear this with black denim, colored denim, dresses, skirts and more. DO wear them with jeans, but with a different color blue on top and bottom. I love THIS as a fitted option and THIS as a looser one.

I hope these lists are helping you to hone in on some of the basics in your closet. They aren't flashy or trendy, just solid go-to's. Stay tuned for the last post in this capsule wardrobe series tomorrow. We'll cover basic accessories and more!
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