The Best Hair Gel for Boys- Three Kinds That This Boy Mom Loves

As a boy mom, there are plenty of clothing, hair and beauty related things that I don't get to worry about. I say get because I love that stuff and I would love to have a girl that I could do those things with. But, while I may not have any girls to dress or to makeup, I do have five handsome boys and how they look is important to me too! Luckily, they are great sports about it!

 I'm that mom that makes them put hair gel in everyday before school and before we go anywhere in public. I cut their hair early and often and they usually all get the same good-boy spiked-in-the-front cut. I've been getting lots of questions about hair products for my boys, so I wanted to quickly share what we use. 

Boy's Star Wars Embossed Hoodie // Boy's Camo Print Jogger Pants
Boy's Double Knit Hoodie // Boy's AG The Stryker Slim Straight Leg Jeans
Beyond the Zone Hair Cement

I use this one daily on my boys. It's got great hold and no color. You can grab it at Sally's or on Amazon above. It does get crunchy, but it doesn't flake.

Style Sexy Hair Hard Up Gel

I also love this one but it made my blonde boys' hair look blue if it got too thick. However, after I shared it on my story someone told me that you have to rub it in your hands to activate it and it won't turn blond hair blue anymore! I tried that and it seems to work. This one also gets stiff without flaking. I also love this scent. 

Schwarzkopf got2b Glues Styling Spiking Glue

This one is what I carry in my purse. Yes, I carry a travel-size gel in my purse. You never know when you'll need it! It works great too! It has no color and it doesn't flake out. Can you tell I hate gel that flakes out?!
Those are my current favorite hair products for boys. I even use them on Rush, the baby! Leave a comment if you have another gel that you can recommend or have any other questions about little boys' hair!


  1. When did you first cut your boys’ hair? I have a 7 week old and he’s got long hair - only in the back! He looks like he’s balding 😂 We want to cut it, but everyone we mention it to is horrified. We’re getting family pictures in September and I want his hair to look normal.

    1. I think the youngest was 2 months (Soren buzzed Knox) but usually we cut their hair really early. I'm not attached to their hair and I'm really not a fan of scraggly baby hair.

  2. If the blue sexy hair gel is too much they have a green one that is supposed to be a lighter hold.
    I love Tigi's stick wax. It works best on fine to medium hair, and its like a large crayon. Just color it on. If your kiddo takes naps, you can just rework it back into the style you like. And a little goes a long way.

  3. As a fellow boy mom who won't leave the house without his hair done, I LOVE this. My son is only two and my pet peeve is the wet/hard look. I like a matte finish. His super blonde, super fine hair has always done great with Burts Bee's lotion, believe it or not. It doesn't dry greasy but gives his fine, short hair just the amount of encouragement to be swooped to the side. I'm a "cut early and often" mom as well :)

  4. Do you cut their hair yourself? If so, how did you learn to do it? I've got five boys too and finally started cutting their hair myself this past summer but I don't really know what I'm doing and sometimes it looks...not great. I use clippers and it's always too short on top. If you have any tips help a mother out!


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