Nickel & Suede Big Sky Collection- Fall 2018: New Hats, Studs, Leather Earrings and More

I'm just a little excited about today. It's one of my favorite days of the year- the day we launch our Fall Collection at Nickel & Suede. We're calling this the Big Sky Collection and it's my new favorite. Somehow our talented creative team managed to bottle up a little bit of the beauty of Montana and brought it back to share with you. 


If you are new to Nickel & Suede, all our earrings are made of genuine leather and high-quality metals like sterling silver and 14 karat gold. All of our earrings, including our new studs, are nickel free. We offer them in three sizes and several shapes. You can see our size guide here!


This season is especially dreamy because of the addition of a few new accessories. We not only have new beautiful leather earrings, but we also have new hats, new gold and silver ear cuffs, new rings AND new earring stud sets. 
We make all our leather earrings, but we've been working for the last few months to design these new products to share with you. The stud sets are our own designs and are the perfect mix of basics and little statement pieces. Wear them alone or put them in your second holes to pair with our larger leather statement earrings. 


We also have a new Fall essentials set for you this season. If you have a gift to give or you can't quite narrow down your options, we've done the work for you! This set will perfectly accessorize all of your outfits this Fall. You can't go wrong with these colors, textures and shapes!


Our ear cuffs from our Summer collection sold out within hours (several times) so don't wait to order one of our new Scout or Stacked Ear Cuffs. They are also nickel-free!


New rings hit the shop today too! I love these pretty new Arrow rings and of course our Turquoise Statement Ring! This one was inspired by the ring I wear daily and I think you'll find you do the same with it!

We do have one new cuff this season, and we've kept around all our other favorite staples too! Silver Leaf is our newest textured silver leather and it is similar to Antique Brass. I love it in this wide cuff!

I hope you love The Big Sky Collection as much as I do! I can't get enough of these gorgeous pictures and they definitely have me wishing to go back! Check out all of our new arrivals here and leave a comment letting me know what new items you are most excited about!

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  1. I'm always so excited about your new releases! Gorgeous, as usual 😍

  2. Love all of these! And I want to go to Montana :-) I let my husband do the N&S ordering for me otherwise I would get everything. Love all the new accessories!

  3. Oh my goodness! I want all of the new releases! :) But if I have to narrow down what I’d choose first, I’d get the big sky basics set and glacier knit earrings! <3

  4. So excited for the Olive Grove & Cedar Grove leather earrings!! And that turquoise ring! And the ear cuffs!! Ahhh I love it all!! :D


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