Men's Wear and Mixing Prints


One of my favorite trends from last year is still going strong. I love that trends usually carry over for a few years and it's often the second or third year that they really become approachable. I'm talking about menswear, and today I've got one piece you can add to your wardrobe to really make a statement and try out the trend.

BLAZER // PANTS (currently out of stock) // SHOES // SUNNIES // CRISS CROSS RING // EARRINGS
This style of fine print plaid blazer was on my wish list last year. It's the opposite of feminine, but if you style it right, you can really get that perfect blend of edgy cool and pretty. Can I just say I also feel like a total boss when I wear it? :)
Today I've styled mine with a simple white tee, cut off denim and feminine flats. For an even more approachable look, wear your favorite dark skinny jeans. My favorite part of this outfit is the print mix that the shoes and the jacket create. The leopard print and the plaid are a perfect pairing and I'd definitely recommend mixing them anytime that you can.
Other way's I would style a jacket like this would be:
- Wear it with a graphic tee and black denim. Add some Converse or Vans for a casual cool look.
- Add a bodysuit and jeans and heels for a date night look. 
- Try a black tee, dark jeans and black ankle boots. 
- Keep the white tee, add distressed jeans and white ankle boots.
Check out a wide range of jackets and leopard kicks below. I've tried to include quite a few options at different retailers and price points!

Have you tried the menswear trend? Would you wear a jacket like this?

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