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Happy August 20th guys! I may be a little biased, but I think 8/20 is a pretty great day. It's my birthday, it's practically September and it's back to school time. So many good things! Today was an extra special day because the weather totally went my way. Things cooled down just for me and I got to wear a sweater AND a jacket on my day. My family and friends also took great care of me! 

For today's post I thought it would be fun to share 50 questions and answers about me and our family. I asked for questions in my IG story last week and these are many of those questions. Good job on the questions BTW!

  1. How old are you? I'm 32 today!!
  2. Where did you work before creating Nickel and Suede? I was a stay at home mom and I blogged. Before that I worked at GAP kids. In college I was an early morning janitor, I cleaned houses and I worked at a bookstore. 
  3. Favorite N&S earrings? I love the Cheetah Cork Gems, London Tan Novas, Black Cork, Lip Gloss, and Ash Grove right now. We also have some new things coming for Fall next week that I'm really excited about! (Like this hat!)
  4. How do you stay so fit and tiny? I'm really busy! And I do the opposite of stress eating- which isn't good! I'm always on the move and food usually isn't on my radar. 
  5. Have you thought about expanding Nickel and Suede stores outside of Missouri? We have! We'll probably do some pop-ups in other cities initially. I'd like to open 1-2 more stores in KC first.
  6. Did you have any other names picked out besides Rush? Not really! We literally decided his name like a day before he came. That being said, Soren liked the name Jett too.
  7. Do you plan to have more kids? Not in a way that involves me being pregnant again. Adoption could be on the table someday. Maybe once we are sleeping at night again.
  8. Who do you follow on instagram for style inspo?@happilygrey @jaceyduprie @shalicenoel @shannonwillardson @stylinbyaylin @cellajaneblog
  9. What is your nightly skin care routine? I use the blue regimen from Rodan and Fields. It's pricey, but it works! 
  10. If you could only buy clothes from one store for the next 5 years what store would it be? Nordstrom is the catch-all store but style wise probably Madewell.
  11. What was the biggest shock with kids? None to 1? 1 to 2? Etc? Probably going from 4 to 5. It feels like we now have 8!
  12. What's your favorite perfume? Acqua di Gioia
  13. Do you prefer gold or silver jewelry? Silver 90% of the time. That's why most N&S earrings are on silver hooks.
  14. Do you have someone at Nickel and Suede whose job strictly is naming the earrings? Nope, that's still me. It's a tough job!
  15. How old were the boys when you cut their hair for the first time? I think the youngest was 2 months (Soren buzzed Knox) but usually we cut their hair really early. I'm not attached to their hair and I'm really not a fan of scraggly baby hair.
  16. Do you need glasses or are they just an accessory? I need them, but I have never felt cute in them! I use them in the am and pm and that's it. I just got a pair of Warby Parker glasses though and I'm coming around to wearing them out and about.
  17. Do you and your family go to church in KC? We do! We are Mormon and our congregation is in Liberty.
  18. How do you afford so much amazing clothing? Doesn't it add up? I earn commissions on the affiliate links I share. So when I share something I love and someone buys through my link, I earn something. I sell all of my clothes once they are no longer available. So buying new clothes and selling them at some point is part of the job.
  19. Where do you sell your clothes? I have an IG account @onelittlemommascloset.
  20. Do you ever drink wine or alcohol? Nope.
  21. What's your fave funny show/movie? Fun with Dick and Jane, Parks and Rec, anything with Jim Gaffigan.
  22. How long have you been married? 12 years this month. 
  23. I notice you don't drink alcohol. Is it a religious reason or personal preference to avoid it? Religious
  24. You're always done up and put together! Are you ever makeup free and messy? Hardly ever actually. Not getting ready (at least a little) feels like not brushing my teeth. Sometimes on a Saturday I don't get ready, but it's rare.
  25. Ever think of using essential oils? Being a blogger and influencer you'd have a great following? I actually do use them personally, and several other MLM products, but I've decided not to promote those ones on my blog. I'd rather work on my own business.
  26. What don't you do since you have 5 kids and a business? What's not a priority? I have a lot of help keeping up my house. And I rarely exercise. I also don't spend time with friends, watch TV or read books.
  27. Curious why you don't drink coffee but you do drink other caffeinated drinks? In the Mormon church we follow a code of health called the Word of Wisdom. I believe there are physical and spiritual blessings that come from following it. Caffeine definitely isn't recommended, but it isn't prohibited. 
  28. Do you or your husband ever cuss when you're frustrated? Yes, I'm the more guilty party.
  29. Who did you have help with your pantry organization? Spaces by Lindsey
  30. How old were you when you had your oldest son? I was almost 22 when I had Easton. I got married when I was barely 20.
  31. What does Soren do for a living? Soren owns and runs Nickel and Suede with me full time. He has since day one.
  32. Did you ever get your eyebrows micro-bladed? If so, where at? Not yet! But I will go to Maria Estelle. She is the way to go!
  33. Perfect vacay: beach or moutains? Definitely the beach!
  34. How did you get started blogging? One of my best friends has a craft blog and she encouraged me to start blogging. She taught me everything I know!
  35. What's your favorite meal to cook for your family? I like making my mom's spaghetti and cheesy bread. Everyone eats it and it's easy!
  36. What time do you wake up every morning? How long does it take you to get ready? It has changed a lot over the years. I like to get up at about 6 if my kids are sleeping through the night. Right now Rush gets me up at 6:30. I can get ready in about 30 minutes.
  37. Who do you have taking your pictures when it's not a selfie? Soren or one of my kids. :) I also have a photographer that takes many of the pics for my blog.
  38. How did you and Soren meet? We met in college at the smoothie shop that I worked at. It was love at first sight, from his perspective. :) I was dating someone at the time so it took me a year to break that off and see the light! :)
  39. How do you avoid talking about work during date nights? We don't. I try to talk about other things, but sometimes it's the only time we have to talk uninterrupted!
  40. What does an average day look like for you? As a mom/entrepreneur every day is different. I'll probably have to write a post about what my WEEK looks like!
  41. How did you learn how to run a company? Lots of books about business, discussions with Soren, Pinterest and trial and error. I can say I'm making things up left and right!
  42. Do you have any help with the kids like a nanny? I don't, but I do have several teenager babysitters that help us out and mom friends who often watch my kids. I try to hire everything out but the nanny job. 
  43. Would you ever do a meet up in Kansas City? I haven't ever thought of it! It sounds fun though!
  44. What inspired you to cut your hair short? Victoria Beckham's a-line cut. It's still a fave of mine. 
  45. Have you ever gotten botox? I haven't! I hoping good skin care puts that need off for as long as possible!
  46. Did you play any sports in high school? I ran cross country breifly. And I danced ballet. But really I did school and worked. 
  47. When you're having a bad day, what do you do to make yourself feel better? If I'm trying hard I'll make a list of things I'm thankful for. If I'm not trying so hard I'll drink Diet Coke and stay grouchy.
  48. What's your pet peeve? Clutter. I can't stand it.
  49. What's the one food you could never bring yourself to eat? Large pieces of onion or green pepper.
  50. What does your dream day look like? I'd love to hop on a plane with Soren to a new place. We could go to Europe, South America, really anywhere. Try some new foods, people watch and take pictures of course. :)

Thanks for another great year and for all of the love and support. I sure am the luckiest!


  1. These are my favorite kinds of posts!! Your answer to 47... about not trying, drinking diet coke and staying grouchy. That is how I always deal with a bad mood. I think I need to shift my focus and start writing what I'm thankful for instead.


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