The Summer of Stripes and Comfy Pants

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PC: Sarah Sweeney
Today I'm keeping it light. Light colors, light fabrics and light...hearted?  This Summer I have been on the hunt for pants that aren't jeans and they aren't shorts. I want pants that aren't tight, aren't heavy and aren't hot. Sounds impossible right? I must not be the only one looking for this pant style this year because I've found quite a few options. I own three of the pairs I've linked and I'm just on a rotating basis with them. They are so comfortable, so easy to wear and so refreshing as I get dressed this Summer.
Two pairs that I own, these and these, are striped and the pattern instantly makes every outfit more interesting. Add a graphic tee, a chambray button up, a basic tee or a tank and you've got an outfit! 
And what shoes to wear with this shape of pant? I love Birkenstocks obviously, but I also wear other flats like these, flip flops, Converse and even wedges. I'd stay away from a true sneaker or a boot, but it's possible an open toed bootie could work into Fall!
Outfit details:
TEE- This tee is sized in European sizes. I am wearing size 4 and it fits TTS.
PANTS- These run a little big. I bought 26 and after wearing them for a bit they stretched out. These are 25 and they fit well. 
SHOES- Birks inherently fit wide. And they feel a bit floppy. But you get used to it! This color and this color are my most worn pairs. 
BAG- This bag is my current favorite. It's a waxed canvas that doesn't feel waxy but it is stiff. It holds it shape well and the colors will work well into Fall. It does also come in pink!
EARRINGS- I always wear size large. This color is one of my favorites!
Here is a roundup of other lightweight pants I've seen this season. If they look really flowy, I'd consider sizing down.

Have you tried this pant style yet? What do you think of it?

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