The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018- 10+ Shopping Tips and Tricks

There are exactly and only three things that I love about July. I love the Fourth of July, I love pool days with my kids, and I love the Anniversary Sale. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts in just over a week and today I'm prepping you with what you need to know to shop the sale. If you've never shopped the sale I've got all the details, but if you always shop the sale I've got tips for you too! I've navigated this sale for three years now and it's safe to say I've become a bit of an expert.
  So, what's the big deal? Every July Nordstrom has their most exciting sale of the year and it's honestly like grown-up Christmas. I love Christmas because of Jesus and my kids, but I love the Anniversary Sale for me. :) This sale is unlike any other because everything on sale is new merchandise for Fall!! New fall shoes, clothes, hats, bags, accessories, kids' clothes, men's clothes, and beauty products are all on sale. Staple products from Nordstrom also go on sale during this period and I always stock up! Nothing makes July's heat seem more bearable than thinking forward to Fall!

So, what else do you need to know? 

Early Access: July 12-19
Public Access: July 20- August 5
Sale Prices End: August 5
PS- If you are Canadian- read the sale details for Canada here!
1. It's a massive sale. Nordstrom can be an overwhelming place to shop any day of the week, but the Anniversary Sale has thousands of items on sale. It's a lot to sort through- especially if you only shop at Nordstrom a few times a year. That's one reason I always put so much effort into filtering and sorting it out for you.
2. The best stuff sells out quickly. (Hopefully not so much this year!) The very best deals or hottest items always sell out during the Early Access period. Last year it was crazy how fast things sold out. I'm hoping this year Nordstrom has planned a little better AND that they do have some restocks throughout the sale. But I will do a post alerting you of the things I think are at risk of disappearing first!
3. Just do it. Take advantage of Early Access by getting the Nordstrom card. Early Access is only for Nordstrom cardholders. Which I know turns some people off- it's another cc- I get it! But even if you only shop this sale every year, it's worth getting the card. You get access a full week early, you can order the items you want, and you earn points with your card that go toward Nordstrom cash later. Do yourself a favor and sign up here before the sale starts. Bonus- you get a $40 Nordstrom note just for signing up!
4. Use your Triple Points Day. If you are a cardholder you get to pick a few days of the year to designate as your Triple Points Day. I always use the first day of the sale for mine because I spend the most money that day. Those points add up fast when they are tripled!
5. Shop online. Your best shot of getting what you want is to shop the Early Access online on Thursday morning. I'll be shopping on Wednesday and have a first past list of my faves up on Thursday morning at 6 am. You can shop in-store, but it's crazy town and harder to find specific pieces in person.  
6. Free shipping, both ways. Enough said. Nordstrom offers shipping both ways! And they always include a great sticky label in your box so it's super easy to ship stuff back. Buy what you think you will like and take the time to try it on at home. I always over order and I'm always glad I did because I end up keeping things I wasn't sure about online and returning things I thought I would love. 
7. Don't be afraid to buy multiple sizes. Because the best items sell out so quickly, if you choose the wrong size you might not be able to exchange it. Free return shipping makes it a no-brainer. Just buy two and send back the one that doesn't fit!
8. Look at investment pieces. This is the sale to look at investing and splurging on things like designer denim, leather bags, leather boots and solid, staple sweaters. Investment worthy items are on sale during the Anniversary Sale and I always pay close attention to those. I'm planning on a post where I feature a few investment pieces. I'll also do a big designer denim post with try-on's during the first week of the sale. My favorite $200 jeans always go on sale and they are WORTH grabbing at 40-50% off! 
9. Replace your staples. This is a great sale to take advantage of replacing your denim, ankle boots, black Nikes, bras, underwear, robe, and even basic tees. There is always a little bit of everything on sale along with the hot Fall items. 
10. Don't forget beauty products. I'm someone who mixes drugstore and department store makeup and beauty products. This sale always has my favorite blow dryer, expensive lotion, body wash and more on sale. I'll do a post featuring those things specifically.

BONUS 11. Do (or don't) warn your husband. Soren knows this sale is a big deal, obviously because I'm a blogger and my job is to help people shop. He also knows I won't keep everything that comes in the mail and to just cut me some slack about it all. That being said my final tip is to just order this rug this week and do your best to keep it all under wraps!

Items I expect will be back this year...

  • My favorite everyday leggings are always on sale and are worth every penny, whether on sale or full price!
  • These faux leather leggings were a big best seller last year. They aren't too shiny, and they suck you in! See pic above.
  • This cardigan is one of my favorites ever. I have it in multiple colors. It covers your bum and pairs well with the leggings I mentioned above!
  • Last year I tried these bras and I'm so glad I did. They almost always go on sale and they are worth grabbing!
  • These baby blankets are THE BEST blankets ever. Baker and Rush both have them and they still look brand new years later. 
  • Beauty Blenders are also something I buy every year. Once a year is a good time to replace them.
  • My favorite lotion is always on sale too! This stuff is worth its weight in gold.
  • My go-to robe is always on sale during the Anniversary Sale. It's great quality and last year I got one for my mom. She loves it too!
  • These blankets are our fave throws. My boys each have their own and we keep them in baskets around the house. The ones I bought last year still look brand new. They wash up well too!

Here are some of my favorite items from last year's sale.


If you didn't already get one in the mail- you can see the sneak peek catalog for the sale here. I think it was styled to look pretty fashion-forward, but I promise there will be so many approachable pieces on sale too!

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  1. One tip to go with the Nordstrom card is to mention that you can also get the debit version and still get the same benefits (unless they’ve changed it). That’s the route I went a couple of years ago and it has been great to have the card, but I’m not racking up a credit card bill.


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