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Baby Rush Wearing
Kilee Wearing
Okay- so clearly Rush stole the show today, per usual. I wanted to get some pics of him in his new clothes, but also while he still has his cleft. That's right folks, we have a surgery date! As you may remember, we had a mini-surgery in April. Unfortunately it didn't stick. But that's okay! I want to do a whole other post about his lip adhesion surgery, it's in the works, but I also wanted to let you know he has his full lip and nose repair scheduled. He'll be going in on August 3 and after he heals he should be good as new. (Except for the hole in the roof of his mouth that we'll fix later.) So prayers as we prep for that. I know he will do amazing and we'll come out just fine. 
But aside from surgery, we are just enjoying having a 5 month old. He's so fun and cute in so many ways, including his clothes. :)  I mean I love to shop for my other boys, but babies aren't picky and their tiny clothes are just so cute! I picked up a few things for Rush at the Anniversary Sale and I wanted to list out the other things that are baby must-haves. 
This hoodie is even better than it looks. It's so soft and feels more like a washed chambray than denim. It's also somewhat thick so it's actually warm.
Rush's sweats also feel even better than they look. They are thick and super soft. I sized up in his so he can wear them for longer. 
Freshly Picked moccasins are also my favorite baby shoe choice. I was so excited to see a pair on sale. These aren't the exact pair- but I do have the one's on sale on order! :)
ALSO- don't miss out on these blankets. If there is one baby item you buy, make it these. They last forever and still look new year's later. I bought Baker and Rush two each, in their own color, so that if ever lose one we have a spare. Don't waste your money on other baby blankets. 
My outfit is also almost all on sale. These sandals, you may remember I have the Rose Gold version, from last year, are not on sale, but they are a great price! And I just love the clear strap! They fit TTS and are super comfy with a squishy sole. 
These jeans are under $100 and I love the color of this cardigan! I'm wearing size small. 
Check out some more of my baby picks below. 

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  1. The pictures of y'all on the steps where you're looking into each other's faces and smiling are the best ever!


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