Nickel & Suede Summer 2018

School is out, Memorial Day has come and gone and the N&S Summer Collection is here! A few weeks ago we traveled as a family to Galveston, but the main reason for the trip was for our Nickel and Suede Summer photo shoot. With the new season we have new leather earrings that are just as lightweight and comfortable as ever, but also come in on-trend colors and textures. We had so much fun creating this Summer content and I'm so excited to share what we created. The last of our Summer line launched today and we're just as excited as you are!

Select Turquoise is back this year and thankfully it lasted longer than 30 minutes. Last year it sold out so quickly! We have it in cuff styles and multiple earring styles. 

Friendship bracelets are also back! These are my favorite things to stack (with a Thin Leather Cuff) in the Summer!

Hibiscus Cord is our pink for Summer. This dark pink is a great punch of color that pairs well with bright pink, white, navy and more!

Spearmint Cord is still around and is one of my favorite colors to keep styling for Summer. It looks so good with white- and I own a lot of white things! We also now carry hats! Snag this fedora for an effortless Summer accessory. I always wear this wide brim one

Last week we introduced the Nova- a new shape in our leather earring collection. This round cut-out is super fun and bold for Summer. It comes in size small and medium and is currently available in Select White and London Tan.

Other favorites this season are Cheetah Cork GemsCedar Grove, and Orchid Cord. We have so many good bright and neutral leather earrings this season. 

We also created a behind the scenes video of our trip that I think shares a lot of the fun (and stress) of a shoot like this. We loved bringing our kids along and enjoying the fun of new places with them. It's always a lot of work but that is what makes the results worth it!

I'm so proud of and thankful for the team that creates the imagery and video that you see from these shoots, as well as for the people who make and ship all of the product that you order. It's totally a dream come true and it's so fun to see things just get better and better. 


  1. This is so neat! I follow you on IG so it’s neat to see the finished product of your Galveston vacay! The video was really well done and so cool! I’d love to know where the ombré turquoise sweatshirt is from??? It is sooo cute! I love all your earrings....trying to decide what to order ;)

  2. I really love all of these videos! I snagged the cork cheetah print as soon as it was posted to the site!


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