Keeping My Cool This Summer

Summer is in full swing- as I'm sure you can imagine- I'm still trying to catch my breath. School may be out, but work and kids don't slow down. Nickel & Suede is still selling earrings, for some reason my family still wants dinner every night, and I'm still trying to blog as often as I can too.

Since starting Nickel & Suede, it's been tough to balance blogging and running a business. They really are two separate businesses that both have a lot of room to grown on their own. But they also work together and really round me out creatively, so I want to continue pursuing both. The blog is my personal outlet that I enjoy, and I love connecting with so many of you over our shared and different experiences. Some months I'm able to focus on the blog more and some less and that's okay!

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In fact, today's outfit is from the first time I've done a day of blog outfits photos since Rush was born. Typically, I will meet with my photographer and shoot 3-8 looks at a time so that I have blog content for the month. But obviously things have been a little busy since he was born. Last week we stopped having our weekly doctors' appointments until his next surgery and so I was able to schedule some pics!

Rush and I met Sarah at the studio and we hustled through some shots before heading to a meeting with the architects who are working on the plans for our new Nickel & Suede HQ. It was a super busy, hot and stressful morning. But luckily, I had just the product for that!

I don't share many product sponsored posts here on OLM unless it's a product I already know I love. But when something really works, I'm definitely want to tell you about it. Secret reached out about collaborating on their Clinical Strength Invisible Solid Deodorant and it was an easy "Yes!" because I've been using their product for years. It's the only deodorant I've found that does the job all day of keeping me dry and keeping me smelling fresh. It helps with postpartum hormone sweats, with nightly postpartum hot flashes, with "oh shoot I forgot to pick someone up" stress sweats, and with typical Missouri 120-degree heat index sweats. I can tell a big difference when I do and don't use it so a few years ago I switched to using Clinical Strength Invisible Solid exclusively. I always add it to my Walmart pick-up order and make sure I have a few extras around. Use Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid just once for all-day strong wetness protection.

Are you staying calm and cool this Summer? How are you beating the stress and the busy-ness of the Summer?

Sponsored by Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant. As always, all opinions, styling and product decisions are my own. 

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