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It's the first official week of Summer over here and with school being out, my life just got a whole lot busier. Now there are five small people who need help all day long and places to go and things to do instead of just three kids. I love it and I love spending time with them but I'm still amazed that life can actually get busier. 

So, you know me, I'm always on the hunt for ways to simplify in the name of getting things done.  Right now that means taking things down to the basics and removing all fuss. In the last few months I've gone for a shorter and easier haircut, doubled my dry shampoo usage, and been working on super easy outfits of only the best basics that really do the work. Today I've teamed up with ECCO to talk about these simple slides and other Summer sandals from their TOUCH and SHAPE collections that not only look like a great basic, but they feel good too!

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I love to get creative with my outfits, but this Summer I can tell that takes time I'm not going to have. I mean just yesterday I left the house at 8 am to take kids to the dentist, get haircuts, meet with architects and more all before 1 pm. It's been a whirlwind and we're only on week number 1 of Summer.  I get up and go and I have to get ready quickly! Plus I'm literally on my feet the whole day so my outfits better be easy and my shoes better feel good! I can always find an outfit that I want to wear if I have a pair of shoes that feel and look amazing, plus basics like well fitting jeans and a nice tee. Note- today's outfit!
And I can also say that all of the shoes and jeans and tees that I love the most, are the ones I've invested in! They are higher quality and look great for so much longer than other purchases. This outfit is built from those kind of items and I'd wear it again and again! These TOUCH Slides are definitely a quality staple that I'll wear again and again. (I also love them in the Lion color!)

PC- Rachael Adele
I've been on a slides kick this Summer and when ECCO sent me these TOUCH Slides I was really excited. They are made from a high quality chic black leather, but they also feel a little sporty with the white sole. They have a bit of a platform, but it's really not noticeable comfort wise and I love the look. They truly are super comfortable which is a must when I'm on full-time mom duty all Summer long. The quality is also top notch which, as I said before, is on my list of musts for basics that go the distance. I love that these could easily be styled with a dress or a skirt for a dressier look and then with shorts or a romper for something more casual. 
I've linked a few other shoes I'm eyeing at ECCO right now below. I especially want to try those wedges after seeing them here

What are your go-to ingredients for a no-fuss outfit? How are you simplifying things this Summer?
Thanks to ECCO for sponsoring this post. As always all styling and opinions are my own. 

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  1. Well done, definitely a good choice! I am wearing the 3rd pair of sneakers from Ecco, and I am very picky comfort wise. I need a wider front part and decent support paired with contemporary style, which is often a problem.


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