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I've said it before, but I really love time at the hospital and those first few days of having a newborn. It's such a unique time and one that I want to remember. With every baby we've had I've wanted photos of us and our baby. I highly recommend that everyone find a way to record and document those special first few days of baby's life. I always take some photos myself but I've been happiest with the results when I've hired a professional (although not the professional that the hospital send around!). Thankfully I have several friends that are wonderful photographers so I've always had one or two of them come visit and bring their cameras too. :)  Today I've got a list of some photo ideas at the hospital that you might want to take or have taken.
Ideas for hospital photos:
- Hire someone to come during the birth. Make a list of what you do or don't want photographed. Maybe it's just the moments right after birth, maybe it's the whole thing. It's all up to you!
-Take photos of the first measurements and footprint process.
-Photograph baby's first bath.
-Get some pictures of baby's first feeding whether it's breastfeeding or bottle feeding.
-If you have other children photograph the siblings meeting and holding the baby for the first time.
-Take photos as a couple with the baby.
-Get some pics of just Dad with the baby, Grandma with the baby and anyone else who was there for the birth or visited the hospital. 
-Grab a picture with your doctor.
-Change the baby into his/her first outfit and get some newborn pictures. Include a chalkboard or a letter board with their name and stats in the photos. 
-Have someone take a going home photo of you, dad, baby and anyone else that came to pick you up. 
-Bring an Instax/Polaroid and take instant pics with it. You can also give one to the baby's siblings and let them take some photos too!
-If you take pics right after birth, be sure to take some the next day too. The baby's face can be pretty swollen on day 1 so he/she will look different on day 2 or 3.
What other photos did you take at the hospital? Did you have a professional come or take them yourself?

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  1. Love this sweet post! I am pregnant now and really want to get some of these hospital photos!!


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