38 Weeks- Baby Update

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PC- Sarah Sweeney
Hey guys, I wanted to check in for one more baby update before baby arrives because based on the news I got today- it won't be much longer that we have to wait!
I've shared some on social media, but if you haven't checked in over there I can tell you that this pregnancy has not calmed down at all! You can read here about the baby's cleft lip and palate diagnosis here and then about our Down Syndrome scare here and here. Those were all heavy and scary weeks. And this last week we had another one of those!
Since the cleft lip issue I have had monthly ultrasounds at the High Risk Pregnancy Center to keep an eye on my amniotic fluid and the baby's growth. Last Tuesday I went in for my last ultrasound and expected it to be pretty uneventful like the last one was. And then they started doing the measurements and I noticed that baby's head was measuring 38 weeks and his trunk was only measuring 34 weeks. I was 36 weeks at the time. And confused. The tech said that all babies are built differently and didn't seem too concerned. Then she sent me out to chat with the doctor. Within a few minutes she was back and said she needed to pull me back in for a few more tests. 
Apparently the doctor was concerned with the difference between those measurements and asked the tech to do what is called a BPP (Bio Physical Profile) test on the baby to check his environment. They check the heart rate, blood flow to the umbilical cord, movement and whether baby is using his diaphragm. We did those tests and then I went in to talk with the doctor. He told me that the baby was showing an abnormal growth pattern with his head measuring 80th percentile and his body only measuring in the 5th percentile. Cue the freaking out.
Apparently that means that my placenta isn't delivering enough nutrients for little man to grow at a normal rate. His brain and head are getting everything first and his body is getting what is left- which isn't much. I asked a few questions and found that he isn't starving but more like getting three square meals a day and not the all you can eat buffet. How much I eat also isn't involved at all with how much he is getting. It's just a placenta issue. 
So the question became how long he is better off inside than out. Once he is out (and figures out how to each with a cleft lip/palate) he will have a catching up period and should put on weight pretty quickly. The doctor talked about inducing me at around 38 weeks because going full term had more risks to it. But because the baby scored well on his BPP they scheduled me for another ultrasound one week later to check him again. 
I left the office close to tears. It was so unexpected to get bad news again- and for something unrelated to the first issues! I was a little bit of a mess. I had visions of this alien baby with a huge head and a tiny body. I felt scared of being induced because I've never been induced- or had an epidural- and doing things differently scares me. I felt out of time and like our baby may as well be missing limbs by the time he comes out with all of the unexpected news that keeps coming our way!
Thankfully I talked to Soren, and my mom, and my dad- and the Internet. And I found that talking it out helped quite a bit. And that this isn't a crazy uncommon or huge problem. It happens and it will be fine. We'll be fine and he'll be fine. 
I had an appointment with my normal OB on Friday and she also reassured me it would be okay. We made a plan to check in after my next ultrasound and decide what to do. At that appointment I was dilated to a 3 and 60% effaced which was also helpful to hear. 
So fast forward to this week's ultrasound and baby scored high again on his BPP. They sent me on my way for another week. And I went into my doctor today and she checked me again. And I'm dilated to a FOUR and 75% effaced. So kinda sorta really progressing already. I'm 38 weeks today which is as far as they wanted me to go- but the look on my doctor's face said she didn't think I'd make it through the weekend without having a baby. 
Cue a little more freaking out. :) I'm sure you can stay at a four for a while, but once I start really contracting my labor's go really fast. I came home right away and started packing my bags and checking off a few more to-dos. Soren and I are doing date night at Sam's Club tonight because we need food and paper plates and frozen dinners if I end up going into labor. 
Part of me is excited and part of me is freaking out- both of which I'm sure don't slow things down. 
I can say I'm thankful for the position we are in. We are surrounded by so many helpful caring friends and my family. Not to mention all of you out there who have been lifting up up in prayer and encouragement. I feel really good despite the unknowns. Thanks for all of the love. Stay tuned on FB or IG for real time updates with this crazy baby who appears to be in quite the rush to get here. 


  1. Wishing you a safe and happy delivery. Stay strong 😀

  2. So many ups and downs with this one. I’m glad you were able to keep him in for a little while longer. Best wishes!

  3. I am certain that your blessed baby has arrived by now and I want you to know that I have been praying for you and your family. I can't wait for an update and I keep checking often to see if there is one posted. I will keep praying!

  4. Oh my goodness! I just stumbled on your blog and it was no accident because your cleft story is nearly identical to mine (32 weeks so far). Unilateral cleft lip/palate, placental insertion concerns, limbs measuring short, growth rates all over the place! Now I’m just hoping they don’t tell me to come in to deliver before I’m ready, because I have this nagging feeling that they will. I feel like I’m reading my own story. Thank you for being open and sharing boldly, in your faith as well, because I too have found strength and hope for our son through stories like yours. With love in Christ, Sister!


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