Pinned Back Curls Tutorial

With the holiday's approaching, there is a lot to think about. Holiday outfits and holiday hair ideas are something you may not already have planned, but before you know it you'll be getting ready and need some inspo. I'm here to help. With short hair I actually like to keep things pretty simple and this up-do is no different. All you need is a few bobby pins and some curls for this pinned-up look.

For this do you can start with fresh curls or day-old curls. I will frequently curl my hair the day before and wear it down and then wake up the next day and pin back the top pieces that have lost some of their curl. I curl my hair with a 1" flat iron and I have several posts from the past with curling how-to's. I'll post an updated one soon, but basically it's just curling small sections in alternating directions. Check out this live FB video I did last year for more tips. 

So to get started grab a few bobby pins that match your hair color. I use black right now with my dark hair, but when it was more blonde I used the gold ones. I usually use around five pins. 

To start I'll section off the top section of hair that is down the very middle. You want to avoid a part with this look so grab the middle four or so inches of your hair, like a thick section of mohawk or most of your bangs area. 

Next you'll want to backcomb the roots of this section. The trick is to just tease the roots and not the entire section or it will just all frizz. So hold up little sections and try to just tease the two inches closest to your scalp. Then push the hair forward into a poof and secure it with two or so bobby pins at the crown of your head. 

Once you have the center pinned back you'll tease the roots of two more sections, one on each side of the center section.

Use a pin on each side to push each section forward and pin it up. Each side section should "match" the center section in "poofiness" and smoothly transition between sections. The look you are creating is a half-up, pinned-up curls with a lot of volume.

It may take an extra pin or two to smooth things or keep them tight enough- which is fine. Get the top pinned and then check out what the curls look like that are left showing. 

Use a 1" flat iron or a curling iron to touch up any curls that are left down.

Spritz your curls and smooth a few hairs with the hairspray of your choice.  I use this one or this one.

That's it! It's intentionally a little messy and the curls/waves makes it work. You can really make it as dramatic as you want by curling your curls tighter or looser or adding more or less volume to your pinned back sections. If you have any questions, feel free to message or DM me! I'd love to hear how this pinned back curls look turns out for you!

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