My Favorite Nickel & Suede Earrings

Happy Friday! We're getting to that crazy time of year- where my head always has a million to-do's running through it and I honestly don't know how anyone survived the madness without a smart phone. I was at Sam's Club shopping today when I realized how much I prefer to just order things online. Shopping in-store is so much work. And maybe part of it is that I'm pregnant and tired all of the time, but I really love checking things off with the click of a few buttons on my phone-. So, back to Amazon and grocery delivery I go. 

Speaking of online ordering- and checking things off- our company Nickel & Suede is having our Pre-Black Friday Sale right now. And this is a great sale to check off some gifts with! Starting today we are offering 20% off of everything all weekend long with code PRE20. This is our best sale of the year and it's the best time to treat yourself and to buy gifts for friends a family. BUT- so many women get stuck when it comes to choosing which pair(s) to buy. We have so many great choices that you'll definitely find a pair to love and maybe I can help you.

Today I wanted to share my favorite pairs of N&S leather earrings and which pairs I recommend to women of all complexions and hair colors. It will come as no surprise that my most worn earrings are all neutrals and I don't think you can go wrong with a single one of them! 

First here are the answers to a few frequently asked questions...

Are your earrings made of Nickel? Nope- we are totally nickel free! "Nickel" comes from our last name. All of our hooks are Sterling Silver or 14 karat gold and you can request a different hook color than the earrings come with in the comments of your order. 

What size do you wear? I always wear size large, but I don't recommend it for everyone. I do think everyone can pull off a medium though! See our size chart here

Are your earrings heavy? NOT. AT. ALL. When we started making leather earrings four years ago it was because I accidentally discovered how lightweight earrings made of leather could be. I love that we make earrings out of such a lightweight material that often look like metal or something very heavy. Women can now wear big earrings without the discomfort that typically comes with a statement earring. 

Recently I've been wearing the earrings you'll see pictured below most often, but keep reading below for more of my recommendations!

CAMO SUEDE- This pair is my favorite pattern that we currently carry. This leather is a suede with 14 karat gold hooks and it really looks best in size medium and large. I always wear size large, but mediums look great on everyone. Pair these with gray, burgundy, black, olive, tan, cream and more!

GALA GOLD- I usually wear more silver jewelry than gold, but these antique gold leather earrings are lightweight, hold their shape well and work well for everyday. This is a muted, darker gold color that looks great with camo, black, white, gray, jewel tones, olive, and more. These also come with 14 karat gold hooks. 

LIP GLOSS- These are one of my very favorite pairs because they literally look good with everything. Soren was actually the first one to pick this leather out- I initially passed it up! But he turned out to be right about how pretty of a neutral these shimmery nude earrings would be. These come with Sterling Silver hooks and they look good on everyone with everything- just like the perfect nude lip gloss!

MATTE GOLD- This pair is one of our most popular gold earrings. It's a true gold and super soft and lightweight. It has a leather texture and yet it still looks like metal. These come with 14 karat gold hooks and easily dress up or down. This pair also comes in a set this holiday season and it comes with two other pairs that I also love!

BLACK CUT-OUTS- This pair has always been one of my favorites and it's been out of stock for a few weeks! Thank goodness it's back! This pair is one of my go-to black pairs and really accessorizes any outfit. I wear them with stripes, black denim, my black leather jacket, graphic tees and more. I also love our new Black Cork Leather Earrings for another black option.
Other favorites? Yep I have a bunch!

And now for the rest of my recommendations... These are types of women that I often am asked to give recommendations for- so here is what I usually say.

BLONDES- Matte Gold, Black Cut-Outs, True Teal, Champagne Shimmer, or Camo.
BRUNETTES- Lip Gloss, Luxe Linen, London Tan Cut-Outs, Antique Brass Gems, or Smokey Quartz.
RED HEADS- Olive Suede, Copper, Signature Rose Gold, Smokey Quartz, or Gunmetal Glam.
SHORT HAIR- Any size, but especially medium and large. We love short sassy hair with big earrings! Obviously I wear size large with my short hair- and I think the bigger they are the more they pop!
LONG HAIR- More women with long hair choose size small or medium or a mix of both. The exception is tall women or women who just know they love big earrings!
WOMEN WHO ONLY WEAR STUDS- We hear this one all of the time! I usually recommend those women start with size small in something like Luxe Linen or Lip Gloss and they'll be hooked in no time.
MOTHER-IN-LAWS- Typically MIL's or moms are a safe bet with size small. And Gunmetal Glam or Champagne Shimmer seem to always be winners!
BEST FRIENDS- Snag your BFF one of our best selling neutrals like Lip Gloss, Luxe Linen, London Tan Cut-Outs or Green Fatigue!
SPORTS FANS- We have a whole section of team earrings for women who love cheering for their favorite team or their favorite little athlete! We also have new custom Swell bottles that would be a great gift. 
TEACHERS- Snag the Earring of the Month for a teacher gift or one of our best sellers like Champagne Shimmer or Rose Gold.
ON-TREND FRIEND- Our new Gold Cork or Silver Cork leather earrings are a great option- as is our new Gem shape in Rose Gold! I also love Camo
I hope those recommendations helped! Feel free to message me on IG or FB if you have any other questions. We will have a few other promotions happening throughout the holiday season, but this one is the best deal! Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. This was very helpful! Just ordered my first pair of earrings and a cuff tonight :)

  2. Thank you so much Kilee! I've loved your earrings and I finally "pulled the trigger" a couple of weeks ago. I was hesitant since I wear giant funky glasses too, but I think they can be pulled off with a bit of personality!

  3. How about grey hair?
    I also have a pair of rose gold and can't seem to wear them with anything I put on.


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