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PC- Sarah Sweeney
If you know me, you know I'm a firm believer that accessories make the outfit. And there are so many ways this is true! An outfit can easily be won or lost depending on the pair of shoes you wear with it. A simple pair of earrings can instantly elevate your look. And you can quickly change the style of your outfit by the small accessories that you choose to pair with your basic top and jeans. 
For today's look I decided to make an easy black pullover ever more mom and Fall friendly by styling it with accessories from Madewell. I'm a big fan of the slightly edgy and yet feminine style that Madewell is known for and this season their dainty jewelry, canvas bags and knits are really calling my name. I snagged these chokers from Nordstrom (did you know Nordstrom now carries items from Madewell?) and I've been wearing them and mixing them with these chokers non-stop. They are just the right amount of necklace to still pair with earrings and they are all adjustable. 
I've been growing my hair out for at least the last year and this season is the first time I've felt like I have enough hair to pull off a beanie. It's just long enough to peek out the front and frame both sides of my face from under the hat. If you also have short hair, you can wear hats! The trick to styling them and not looking like a boy is to make sure you have as much hair as possible shown in the front, around your face- sweeping bangs across your face is even preferred. If you only have one side of your hair that is long enough- it can still look great, just do your best to frame your face with as much hair as you can. The same goes with fedoras. Baseball caps are trickier and I'll have to play around with those a little bit before I start doling out advice. 
Fit details on today's outfit-
TOP- This one seems to fit TTS. It's not super thick so don't expect sweater material. It's more like a fine knit feel. I'm wearing size small. It comes in several other colors and is under $50.
JEANS- These jeans seem to fit TTS. I sized up because of being pregnant and they still fit a little loose. 
SHOES- These shoes are a little on the small side but they are so comfy. I love the unexpected rust color and be aware that they are calf hair. The shape of this shoe makes your feet look really small and I can definitely wear them all day very comfortably. 
BAG- This bag is a great size for all things mom. The fastener isn't super quick to get in and out of, but I love the color, the fabric and the shape. 
HAT- Fits great. Not itchy. Medium warm and medium thickness.
I've got a round up below of other accessories that I'm crushing on this season from Nordstrom that are under $50 and will instantly add something unique to your outfit. Check out this leopard clutch or this pom pom fedora. Quality basic clothing and affordable on trend accessories are a great way to keep a modern wardrobe without spending like crazy. 

What new accessory are you going to try this season? Are you on board with chokers, fur ball fedoras or maybe a beanie?
*Thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions, purchases, and tips are my own. 

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