Sweater Weather and Beyond

Thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post. As always, all clothes were chosen and purchased by me and all opinions are my own. 

Hey guys. We just got back from a whirlwind trip to New York yesterday. We were literally in New York for 24 hours and it was such a good, tiny trip. Soren and I needed to go solidify upcoming leather for Nickel & Suede and it's amazing what you can get done in person, without kids, on a time crunch. I was so excited to go to NYC in late September because hello, jackets and sweaters and Fall weather. Except that we took our heat wave with us and it was not sweater weather at all.

 However now that we are home things are cooling down and October has got to bring some welcome weather!

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Today it's overcast and cool and I'm in my happy place with chili and cinnamon rolls planned for dinner. I've been slowly sharing favorite sweaters for a few weeks now, but I wanted to share a good round up of them for you today. I love browsing Nordstrom's sweater section for new arrivals and I guarantee there is always a cardigan or a sweater hanging out in my cart. (Yes, I'm addicted to cardigans.) This sweater showed up on my doorstep last week and I was really happy with how it fit- despite being 18 weeks pregnant! It's got such a pretty weave and I am a sucker for side buttons or snaps. My belly will be loving those too as it gets bigger! 

Also I know you are thinking- what's with the coat Kilee? But last week I shared my favorite active coat with ya'll and today I'm styling a favorite bulkier warm puffer. I know it feels early to shop for coats, but nothing is worse than the cold unexpectedly showing up and wishing you had shopped ahead. The coat I'm wearing today is the type of coat I love to wear in the Winter when it's really cold. It's not lightweight but when I want a hood, my rear covered and lots of heat, a big coat is wear it's at. (Think freezing bus stop or late soccer games.) This Vince Camuto coat does double duty because I also want my coat to go with cute shoes and since it's covering my outfit- my coat has got to be cute too. I'm also loving this camo version, but of course that doesn't surprise you. And it should also be known that these coats are 33% off right now- which makes them super appealing to try out. 

I'm including some fit details for the rest of the outfit below. 

Fit details- 
SWEATER- I'm wearing size small. It fits perfectly. If I weren't pregnant I would maybe do a size XS. Also the weave of this sweater isn't sheer so you don't need an undertee unless you want to unsnap the snaps. 
JEANS- These jeans are the best. Except that they run really big. Size down twice and give them a try. They run big and stretch out, but the wash, the price and the fit are awesome.
BOOTS- This color is called Putty and yes, the website color doesn't look like my photos. My photos are more right. Love, love, love these. They fit TTS.
CHOKERS- These have become a daily accessory for me. I have them in gold and silver. You will want both sets too. 
COAT- This coat is such a good looking puffer coat. I love the color and the fur. It's definitely your big, down, winter style coat, but it looks good. I'm always looking for a Winter coat that will look good dressed up or down and this type of puffy coat does the job. I also tried on this camo version of the same coat and I kinda fell in love with it too. I'm wearing a size small.

I'm linking some of my other favorite sweaters from Nordstrom below. I think you may see a color (or non-color)  theme coming through, but I'm sure it doesn't surprise you. ;)

Has sweater weather shown up in your part of the country- or world- yet? Where do I need to move to get in on this cooler September weather thing?

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