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This is a little different kind of round up than I've done in the past, but I think you'll be excited about it. Now that Instagram Stories are such a big part of where I share things that I love or are a place that I answer your questions- it occurred to me this could be helpful. Today is a short blog post that rounds up all of that information that I shared on stories or in direct messages this week. These are the things you all wanted links to but unfortunately those links disappeared with their story!

Instagram stories round up...
  • You all asked about these chokers daily last week. I have them in silver and gold now and I wear them almost daily. They have held up really well and I love to mix and match them.

  • I got a package from Streamlined & Simple this week and fell in love with their notepads. I had so many of you message me later asking where to find them. Check out their great AM/PM list and their grocery list for easy, functional list making.

  • I shared some video of my closet this week and many of you asked about how I hang my boots. Tall boots are a challenge to store so that they don't fold or crease or get floppy. I hang my boots with these hangers by smooshing the clips to the middle clipping the inner edge of the boots together. Then I hang them and it works like a charm. This option also looks like it works. Also, these are the hangers I use for almost everything else. 

  • My new tapestry in my office came this week and obviously it has cacti on it. This one shows up in all of my mirror photos right now so in case you've been wondering, you can find it here

  • Every time I share photos of our living room I get asked about my Fiddle Leaf Fig. It's fake. And you can get one here. I think it looks really good for a fake tree and it's just the thing if you want a tree in a place with little light, or you don't want to spend over $100 on a tree you may kill.

  • Last of all- my new favorite lip color for Fall. I almost never wear anything but a light pink or a nude, but this plum color called Snap is so good. 

Let me know if there is anything I missed and I'll include it next time! Have a great Saturday!


  1. What size did you get in the grey raw hem jeans from Nordstrom you had in your story this week?

  2. Love your living room! Can you share some info about your throw pillows next week? Thanks!

  3. What size did you get in the grey raw hem Nordstrom pants you posted about a couple times last week?


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