How to Do a Bold Everyday Brow


Eyebrows are such an important feature on your face, and genetically, I did not win the eyebrow jackpot. I've always had thinnish eyebrows and as I've gotten older they haven't gotten any thicker. My mom's are even thinner so I can pretty much predict my eyebrow future, even though I almost never pluck them anymore! 

I've had microbalding on my mind this year and I do have an appointment to get that process started next month, but today I wanted to share my daily eyebrow routine. I'm sure many of you are in the same boat as I am with less than perfect brows so here is a run-down of my favorite products and techniques to get a fuller, thicker brow. 

I start with a micro pencil to draw in the basic shape and thin strokes that look like individual hairs. I have been doing this for long enough that I rarely measure my brows out, but I think it's helpful to see the visual. Most women want their brows to start mid-nostrial and and end at at the angle that connects the corner of the eye with the edge of the nose. See above and below. 

Once I make my marks for the edge of my brow I draw in the rest of the basic shape.

You can see one brown done with only the micro pencil above.

Next I take a lighter color wedge shaped pencil to fill in a little more. 

After wards I will use a powder to fill if needed. My eyeshadow palette is old, but it has the perfect shade of brown to finish filling my brows in with. I also use this eyeshadow palette and it has a few great matte shadow options for brow filler. 

Because my hair is so dark right now, I can afford a pretty dark and bold brow. And as you can see from the before side- it really makes a difference when I fill them in. I have been using Lash Boost on my eyelashes since these photos were taken and I've heard good things about using it or Latisse on your brows. I have yet to do it, but I know that may also be another option. 

So that's it! That's my everyday brow. In these pics it looks pretty bold, but once I get the rest of my eye makeup on they really blend right in. You can also use the brush on the other end of your pencils to comb a little of the color out if you feel like they have gone on too dark. I highly recommend using a combination of a micro pencil and a powder or a wider pencil. If you don't know what color to get, head into Ulta and try out the colors in-store. 

Micro Pencil- I use Chocolate
Wedge Pencil- I use Caramel or Light Brown

I've tried many different brow pencils and of course the more expensive ones have become my favorites. I'll link more options below because the products I use are not the only ones that work. 

What are your favorite brow products? Have you tried microblading yet? I'd love to hear about your experience!


  1. I didn't think you could get microblading done while pregnant?

  2. I've used R+F Lash Boost on my brows and am AMAZED at the difference! It really works!


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