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As a blogger and an owner of a retail business I'm always looking ahead and living a little bit in the next season. Especially if it's transitioning into my favorite season, Fall. So although it's just barely sweater weather over here, I'm all about sharing my best recommendations for cool weather staples. Today I've partnered with Nordstrom to talk about my cool weather staples like sweaters and coats- so you can start your wishlist before the cold hits!
I love today's outfit. Partly because it's so comfortable, but also because this look reminds me of our trip to Italy back in February. When we traveled to Europe it was definitely cool/cold the entire time.  I also wore mostly black and gray clothing and I should have taken these sneakers with me but I didn't because I wanted to kill my feet in ankle boots and even some heels. ;)
And although we aren't heading to Europe anytime soon, I'm still good with continuing this look on a daily basis here. A basic sweater, comfy skinny jeans, sneakers and a lightweight jacket really fit my needs to look put together in an effortless way. Both this sweater and these jeans are under $60 and they will both really go the distance this season. 
And then there is the jacket. 
Soren has always loved jackets and last year he introduced me to lightweight down or synthetic down jackets. I was skeptical at first, but after wearing one I was amazed. They really are SO lightweight AND warm. They aren't inexpensive, but they really do keep you warm. The cost per wear goes down so quickly as soon as you realize it's your easiest jacket to wear! 
The hooded version of these jackets really are functional, but I love the look of the jacket without the hood like I'm wearing in today's post. Today's Patagonia jacket is water resistant, super lightweight and also very warm. And they are a reasonable price for a coat that does a great job. 
I wore the one above all over Italy earlier this year and it was definitely the easiest jacket to pull out as needed and then shove in my bag when it wasn't.
Here are some fit details for today's outfit that might be helpful as you shop. 
Fit details:
SWEATER- This one fits pretty TTS. It says it runs large but I opted not to size down because I'm 20 weeks pregnant. I bough the size small but if I wasn't pregnant I would have ordered the XS. This sweater is super soft, has cute button details down the back and is even almost long enough to wear with leggings. 
JEANS- These jeans are SO comfortable. They are super stretchy- so much so that you could size down one size in them. They are the perfect gray wash and have a great raw hem. Plus they are under $50! This a new brand to Nordstrom and I also love this pair from them. 
JACKET- This jacket runs TTS. I am wearing size small and it fits well, even over the bump. The best part about this jacket is how lightweight it is and then how WARM it is. You'll be shocked. This jacket is really easy to move in and I consider it similar to black Nikes. You can really wear it with anything. 
SHOES- These shoes fit TTS. I love the look of a plain black Nike, but these do have a cool texture on them that I like. These are my go-to run around shoes because they are so comfortable and chic. I also love these
I've rounded up more options for lightweight down or synthetic down jackets from Nordstrom for you. I have two of them listed here and I'd recommend any and all of them. Try ordering a few of them and see what I mean. They will all change the way you feel about bringing a jacket with you anywhere. You'll be amazed at how this jacket style makes it's so easy to be super warm when it's cold and then just as easy to pack that jacket away when the sun comes out. 

Have you tried a lightweight down jacket like these? What are your cool weather staples?

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  1. Hi Kilee! Could you do a post about work clothing or "business casual" attire. I just love your style and I constantly struggle to find outfits for work.


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