Goodbye Summer, Hello I Get Dressed Again

This summer has been one for the books. I think I said the same thing at the end of last summer! Last summer we opened a store and moved our business out of our home. It was a summer full of changes and excitement. But somehow this one has been even more so!

Today I've partnered with Nordstrom to share a little recap of our summer, plus one reason I'm a little bit okay with the back-to-school season being upon us. You may find you feel exactly the same way!

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When I compare this summer to last, I think we've managed to out-do ourselves. We started the summer by unexpectedly finding a new home and then quickly putting our old house on the market. In the middle of selling that home, we made plans to remodel the new home prior to moving in. Thankfully we quickly sold our old house, and our new house was able to accommodate us for the last of the big jobs, even if we did have to go without a kitchen sink for two weeks.

At Nickel and Suede, things have also been busy this summer. Our store is doing better than ever, and we've expanded our team. We've hired 10+ new people for production over the last few months and also started a renovation project on our production building. It's currently half torn down/half put together, but we're excited for the extra capacity to make and ship that the renovations will afford us. We have a great team that is helping us move things along and get ready for the fall and holiday seasons. 

The biggest news and energy sucker for me this summer, by far, was that during all of this, I've been pregnant with baby number 5! Thank you all for your sweet comments last week after we announced the news. It's been such a busy summer that I admit I constantly forget I'm pregnant. But then I wonder why I can't seem to hustle like I used to or why I need a nap every two hours, and I quickly remember. :) The timing of how it all played out wasn't what I expected, but either way I'm happy to have my first trimester and all of that work behind us!

So that's our summer in a nutshell. It was busyjust like yours, I'm sure. And I'm guessing like me, you've found it all too easy to stick with graphic tees and slides all summer. No judgment here. Summer clothes are not my creative outlet, and this summer I've been too tired to fight it. But fallfall is different, and there is something about the schedule that comes with back to school. Fall meetings and appointments and schedules have me feeling motivated to get dressed and look more put together than just wearing swimsuits, tee shirts, sweatpants, and leggings.

Today's outfit is one of my favorites from the last few weeks, and it's a great example of how simple pieces can make you feel like you really stepped up an outfit. It's modern and put together without being fussy. It's an outfit I would wear to work meeting or a speaking engagement or out on a date. Change the shoes and it's perfect for lunch with friends, shopping, or just after school carpool pick-up.

I bought this top at Nordstrom this summer, and I wasn't sure about it until I tried it on. I thought the sleeves might be too much. Fussy sleeves have totally been a thing this year, but as a mom, fussy sleeves drive me nuts. I can't stand sleeves that get in the middle of what I'm doing! But these sleeves have a whole lot of character without getting in the way. They are just right, and every time I wear this top I get compliments.

Here are some fit details for what I'm wearing above. 

TOP- This top I found to fit TTS. I'm wearing a size small, and it's not too small or too big. The fabric is cotton and seems like it would wrinkle easily, but somehow it doesn't. Or the wrinkles just become part of the look. It's a very easy top to wear that way.

I also think this top would look great with black skinnies or dressier black pants. It works well with a pencil skirt too.

JEANS- These are my favorite skinny jeans right now. They've been restocked, and they are such a dream to wear. You'll be so glad you bought them every time you put them on. They do have a lot of stretch, but they don't stretch out. These jeans would also be fun for an even more casual look.

SHOES- These are my favorite strappy heeled sandal. I have them in three or more colors. I've found they fit TTS, but they aren't an all-day shoe. They look great, but FYI they don't feel quite as good as they look. And see below: change to flats, and you change the look!

Moon River is the brand of this top, and it's a newer one to me. Nordstrom has started carrying more of their items, and it's become a brand I like to browse. See this blouse and this cardigan for proof. I'm excited to see what else they put out this season. 

So are you like me? Do you find it easier to be motivated to get dressed in the fall? I know I do, and back to school is the perfect time to get started on refreshing that habit.


  1. I completely agree! Summer clothes are so boring. I cannot wait to feel put together again. Come on Fall!!!

  2. I agree 100%. I looking forward to feeling more "put together". Also, if you like skinny jeans/jeggings, check out Old Navy. They have the Rockstar jegging with an elastic waist. I may or may not have bought 4 pair...


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